Is AOC a private school?

No, Academy of the Canyons is a public middle college high school, and is part of the William S. Hart Union School District, just like the other public high schools in Santa Clarita. Our teachers are Hart District high school teachers, and the college teachers are COC instructors.

If I go to AOC can I still take classes at my current high school?

No. Just like moving to any other high school, once you transfer to AOC, you are no longer a student at your old high school. Likewise, you cannot participate in the sports programs at your former school.

Is there a GPA requirement to apply?

The average GPA for an AOC student falls between 2.0 and 4.0. Students are most successful with a STAR score of Basic or higher in English Language Arts.

If I go to AOC, can I still go to Prom?

Absolutely! In fact, AOC students can attend Prom at any of the high schools in the Hart District.

I am an English Language Learner, can I still apply?

YES! We welcome EL students at our school. Students who have achieved a Level 3 or higher are most successful. Students with less than Level 3 may struggle with college classes. There are no "sheltered" classes at AOC.

Can I participate on the COC athletic teams as a student of Academy of the Canyons?

No. Since AOC students are still enrolled in high school, state law prohibits them from taking more than 11 college units a semester. However, college athletics require that a student be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester units to be on a college team.

What about theater, choir or other performance programs at COC? Can I participate in them as an AOC student?

Yes. All AOC students can participate in any fine arts or music performance programs at College of the Canyons.

Can I attend the football games and other sporting events?

Yes. AOC students can attend any athletic event at COC or at any other high school in the Hart District.

Does AOC have any clubs on campus?

Yes. There are several very active clubs on our campus, including National Honor Society. In addition, we have several classes which operate as student organizations. They include our Yearbook staff and the Virtual Enterprise class. Finally, AOC students can also partake in all of the clubs and organizations on the COC campus, including the HITE (Honors)Program.

I am already a member of NHS at my current school, do I have to reapply when I go to AOC?

No. All you have to do is get a letter from your current NHS Advisor saying that you have left that Chapter in good standing, and bring that letter to Mrs. Rubay, the Advisor for the AOC Chapter of NHS.

What classes would I have to take at AOC?

The type and number of classes that a student takes on the high school campus depends on their grade level. Freshman are required to take English, Math, Biology, Semiar and an Elective class (typically health and geography). Sophmores usually take five classes at AOC, including English, Math, Modern Civilizations, Chemistry and Advisory. Juniors and Seniors take at least four classes each semester including English, Social Studies, Advisement and Elective classes. All additional classes each semester, including math and science for Juniors and Seniors, are taken at the college level.

Do you have an Honors Program?

Yes. We offer honors classes in grades 10-12. The honors classes are designed to be more rigorous than the standard college preparatory classes that we offer, and receive a weighted GPA for that reason.

What about Advanced Placement classes? Do you have those?

No. Because AOC students attend college classes, they are already receiving college credit. AOC students earn weighted credit on their high school transcripts for most UC/CSU transferable college courses.

What is the Advisement Program?

Advisement, Advisory and Freshman Seminar are classes designed to help students integrate into the college environment, brush up on their study skills, and provide some quality time for studying for their classes. In addition, These classes serve as a vehicle for allowing students and their Advisors to review their transcripts and graduation plans to ensure that each student graduates on time and is prepared to enter college.

What kind of elective classes do you offer?

Click here to see a full list of the classes that are offered at AOC (including the electives).

Does AOC have a grad night?

AOC has a full array of graduation activities each year. Activites vary from year to year, decided upon by ASB and the principal.

Does AOC have its own Graduation Ceremony?

Yes. AOC has a beautiful ceremony each year in the Honor Grove at COC. It is considered one of the nicest ceremonies within the District.

What is a Middle College High School? Is AOC the only one out there?

Middle College High School is a term given to schools which are a hybrid between a high school and a community college. The first Middle College opened in 1974, and today there are more than 30 of them across the nation. For more information about the Middle College concept, we would invite you to visit the homepage for the Middle College National Consortium, of which AOC is a member: