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Volume 11, Issue 4



Road Trip Nation assembly image

Bowman High School Students explore careers with Road Trip Nation. See story

College T-Shirt image

Bowman staff, showing support for students to explore college/post-secondary education options, wear T-shirts representing the college/university they attended.

September 2014

College & Career imageBowman students attend the annual College/Career fair to explore post-secondary education and career options. See story.




August 2014

Victor retirement image










Victor Roma was thanked by staff and celebrated for his 13 years of dedicated service to Bowman High School.

August 2014






On August 11, eight teens Peers on the Way to Everlasting Rediscovery (POWER) completed the ten week summer mentoring/work experience program. For two months, the teens worked throughout the community completing projects with SCV Senior Center, Community Gardens at Central Park, Graffiti Task Force, and the City’s Parks division as part of the work experience program. City employees also mentored participants and served as role models, providing input on career planning, networking, professionalism, and managing responsibilities. The teens also participated in 3 day/2 night youth leadership camp at Lake Castaic State Recreation area, educational trips to the Museum of Tolerance and USC.  

POWER Participants: Tristian Harris-Holden (BHS); Eric Rueda (HHS); Octavio Andrecillo (GVHS); Carter Campbell (GVHS); Akira Hemer (GVHS); Tahjeem Johnson-Rahmaan (SHS); Don Miguel White-Carrington (SVJHS)