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A Novel Idea

Advisor: Ms. Paniagua

Academic Decathlon

Advisor: Mr. Del Rio

Competes in academic knowledge competitions throughout the year leading up to the County wide competition. For the past few years, our team has placed in the top ten overall. This club meets during a class period all year in preparation for this competition.

Aerospace and Astronomy Club

Advisor: Ms. Kaur

American Red Cross

Advisor: Mrs. Culotta


Advisor: Mr. Miller


Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Astronomy/Earth Science Club

Advisor: Dr. Park

Band and Color Guard

Advisor: Mr. Gibson

Bass Fishing Club

Advisor: Mr. Miner

Saugus Bass Fishing Club


Advisor: Mr. Sayer & Mr. Stephenson

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Advisor: Mrs. Culotta

Ceramics Club

Advisor: Mr. Nickels

Chess Club

Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

Choir Council

Advisor: Ms. Dooley

Cross Country

Advisor: Mr. Paragas

Current Event Club

Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

DFY-IT (Drug Free Youth In Town)

Advisor: Mr. Barnwell & Watson

Fandom Club

Advisor: Mrs. Fisher

FIDM Fashion Club

Advisor: Mrs. Garcia

F.L.O. (Future Life Organization)

Advisor: Mr. Rees

Freshman Class 2018

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Gay-Straight Alliance

Co-Advisor: Ms. La Giusa & Ms. Riedeman

Keep up with us on our Facebook page!

The Saugus Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, and work to end homophobia. It is a wonderful social outlet for GLBTQ students and their straight allies.

Other functions of the GSA are:
~~a support group and provide safety and confidentiality to students who are struggling with their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning.
~~educating themselves and the broader school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.
~~bring in outside speakers to cover a particular topic such as GLBTQ history.
~~organize a "Pride Week" or "GLBTQ Awareness Events" and offer a series of educational workshops, panels, and
pride celebrations.
~~work to get GLBTQ issues represented in the curriculum, GLBTQ related books in the library, and progressive non-discrimination policies implemented

Historically we have participated in the Day of Silence, a day when participants remain silent all day as a way of acknowledging the silence induced by homophobia in our society. We have also held a"Teach the Teachers" meeting which focuses on teaching school staff how to be better allies for GLBTQ students. GSA members presented scenarios about discrimination or harassment and encouraged teachers to respond to those situations.

Possible Saugus High School Gay-Straight Alliance activities are:
~~movie nights, and
~~attend conferences together

GSAs are a great way to build community at our school and lessen the isolation that GLBTQ students might otherwise experience.

Girl's Basketball

Advisor: Mr. Eaton

Golf Team

Advisor: Mr. Stradling

Hope Intiative

Advisor: Mrs. Noonan


Advisor: Mr. Ambrose

International Club

Advisor: Mrs. Monson


Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

Junior Class 2016

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Key Club

Advisor: Mrs. Hong

Students in Key Club participate in group community services projects throughout the community. Key Club is a national organization of clubs interested in promoting community service ideals.

Key Club Facebook Page

Lacrosse Club

Advisor: Mrs. Holt

League of Legends Club

Advisor: Mr. Heffner


Advisor: Mrs. Fulkerson

Literary Magazine (Lit. Mag.)

Advisor: Mr. Botton

Math Tutor Club

Advisor: Mr. Groller

Nader Raiders

Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

NHS (National Honor Society)

Advisor: Mr. Miller

National Honor Society is an organization for students with a 3.75 GPA. Starting their sophomore year, students may be invited to join in recognition to their outstanding grades.

Nature Valley

Advisor: Mrs. Winkler

Not One More

Advisor: Mr. Stradling

Patron of the Arts

Advisor: Ms. Guerrero

Photo Club

Advisor: Mr. Heffner

Pokemon Masters

Advisor: Ms. Paniagua


Advisor: Mrs. Hilstein

Reddo Service Club

Advisor: Mr. Paragas


Advisor: Mr. Minyard

SHS Rotary Interact

Advisor: Mrs. Hartmann

Saugus High School Art Club

Advisor: Mrs. Garcia

SHS Cheer

Advisor: Mrs. Caldarnello

Cheer Website

SHS Computer Science

Advisor: Ms. Herbert

Saugus News Network

Advisor: Mr. Williams

SHS Softball

Advisor: Mr. Archer

Science Olympiad

Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

Senior Class 2015

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Social Action

Advisor: Mrs. Winkler

Sophmore Class

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Speech Team

Advisor: Mr. Botton & Mr. Del Rio

Special Olympics Society (SOS)

Advisor: Ms. Paniagua

Sports Medicine

Advisor: Mrs. Botton

Standing Against Violent Encounters

Advisor: Mrs. Fulkerson

Star Wars

Advisor: Mrs. Avila

Student Event Planner Association

Advisor: Mr. Jeffris

Student Matter

Advisor: Mrs. Meza

Super Smash Bros

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

Teens That Give

Advisor: Mrs. Fulkerson

Tennis Club

Advisor: Jeffris

The Organization
Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

United Bronies

Advisor: Mrs. Holt

Vex Robotics

Advisor: Mr. Groller

Wood Shop

Advisor: Mr. Friedman


Advisor: Ms. Tolisano

Yearbook Website

Z Club

Advisor: Mrs. Schertz


Co-Curricular Opportunities

Associated Student Body (ASB)

Advisor: Mr. Fannon

ASB is the center of all student activities on campus. They are responsible for planning rallies, dances nd spirit activities in addition to organizing support for school sports and groups. Students are elected or selected through an interview process to serve in this class on a year/semester basis. The class meets one period-per day in addition to many hours during off-school hours. For more information on how to get involved, come to the ASB Office.

Band & Color Guard

Advisor: Gibson

Hart District Air Force Jr. ROTC

Advisor: Capt. Colley, Valencia High School

Students learn about military courtesies, customs, and command structures. All cadets have opportunities to participate in activities such as field trips to military bases, flight on military aircraft, military balls, and community service. Cadets wear the Air Force uniform during the school day once per week.

Journalism (Saugus Scroll)

Advisor: Mr. Klipfel

The monthly student run newspaper is produced under the direction of student editors and writers. The daily class complies features and editorial stories about Saugus and student life. They also solicit advertisements from local businesses to cover printing costs. The Scroll records in pictures and words all that goes on at Saugus.

Saugus News Network (SNN)

Advisor: Mr. Williams

Each morning SNN is broadcast to all Saugus students over a closed circuit TV system. The show is created, produced and shot live in Saugus' on campus studio. Students fill roles from camera persons, anchors, producers, directors, and writers.

Yearbook (Sword & Shield)

Advisor: Ms. Tolisano

Each year Saugus students involved in yearbook plan, create, and produce an annual edition of the Saugus High Yearbook. Each year the design and layout varies with under the direction and vision of the students in yearbook. Students may work as photographers, writers, editors, or administrative roles.

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