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Saugus High School

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR"s)

"We promote all students learning to
ensure personal growth and future success

Students will demonstrate
academic competency by
comprehending written material, writing clearly, analyzing, and solving problems and using technology effectively.
  • Use math and test taking skills to
    analyze and solve problems.
  • Read and comprehend written material.
  • Write in a logical coherent manner.
  • Use technology as a tool.
Students will exhibit discipline and self control and demonstrate a work ethic that reflects dependability, integrity,
and honesty.
  • Care for people and the environment.
  • Assume responsibility for self
  • Exhibit discipline and self control.
  • Demonstrate a work ethic that reflects
    dependability, integrity and honesty.



Students will demonstrate
effective communication skills.

  • Speak effectively.
  • Actively listen, interpret and synthesize information.
  • Express ideas with confidence.
  • Initiate, receive and respond effectively to verbal and written messages.
Students will practice good
citizenship by showing respect for themselves, others, and their entire community.
  • Respect different viewpoints and reasoning process.
  • Uphold civic responsibilities.
    Understand the principles of democracy.
  • Utilize consensus-building skills.
Students will demonstrate
intellectual development by
strengthening, appreciating, and utilizing the skills of critical and creative thinking.
  • Develop and use critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate and apply awareness and
    appreciation of creative thinking.
  • Appreciate aesthetics by practicing and experiencing fine, performing and practical arts.
  • Value literacy and the importance of the written word.
Students will exhibit personal
growth by developing a sense of worth, leadership skills, and a challenging post-high
school plan.
  • Enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Develop a sense of worthiness and positive self-esteem.
  • Practice positive social skills including adjusting to authority and change.
  • Demonstrate leadership.
  • Create post-high school goals and


Saugus High School Critical Academic Needs

1. Students must receive support in developing critical thinking skills.

2. Students must receive support in developing effective communication skills.

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