Graphic Production 1A Student Anti-Drug Poster Campaign. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

ANTI-DRUG POSTER CAMPAIGN WINNERS, Fall 2022. honorable mention - 1 or 2 votes, tied for 3rd - 3 votes, tied for 2nd - 4 votes, tied for 1st - 5 votes
Honorable Mention (50) Don't Do Drugs. Don't put your life on a roulette wheel.
Honorable Mention (50) Don't Do Drugs. Heroin is not the hero you need in your life.
Honorable Mention (50) Don't do drugs! Smoke the reefer, face the reaper.
Honorable Mention (50) Smoking Kills. Smoking is a game you always lose.
Tied for Third (100) Smoking Kills. Be a fighter, put down the lighter.
Tied for Third (100) One Fentanyl pill can kill! Don't do drugs!
Tied for Second (100) Don't Vape! Flavors on your tongue means damage to your lungs!
Tied for Second (100) Don't Do Drugs. Chase your dreams, not fentanyl.
Tied for First (100) Don't Vape Be Smart Don't Start
Tied for First (100) Don't Drink and Drive! You're not a punk, so don't drive drunk!" “About 1/3 of car crash fatalities in the U.S involve drunk drivers.”-NHTSAOne