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CDE Releases New School Accountability System

The new system provides six state indicators that measure school and student group performance. These six are chronic absenteeism, suspension rate, English Learner progress, graduation rate, college and career readiness, and academics.

In addition, there are four local indicators that measure district performance. These are the “Basics” (teachers, instructional materials, facilities), implementation of academic standards, parent engagement, and local climate.

“These ten indicators are tied directly to our funding formula and will give us guidance on how best to use our funds for student performance,” said Vicki Engbrecht, Superintendent of the Hart School District. “It is a billboard on how our district, school and student groups are performing. It allows us to identify very clearly learning gaps among specific student groups, which now can be used in conversations between the community, educators and business as we work to improve student performance.”

School and student performance becomes more transparent with the Dashboard providing information to the community. A link to the Dashboard, plus an introductory video, can be found on our website: www.hartdistrict.org/apps/pages/california-school-dashboard.

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