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California Launches 2018 Dashboard Hart School District Scores Far Better Than Peers Statewide

To find your school within the Hart School District, go to www.caschooldashboard.org and type your school name in the landing page. There is also a video on that page to help explain the Dashboard.

“The Dashboard helps schools identify strengths and weaknesses in many different areas that measure success,” said State Superintendent Ton Torlakson. “I urge educators, parents, and communities to turn this data into positive action by using it to target resources where improvement is needed and to share practices where success is demonstrated.”

The new Dashboard makes complex school and student performance data easier to understand and is accessible on smart phones and tablets. District, school and student performance levels are indicated on a gauge with an arrow pointing to a range of colors, with red the lowest and blue the highest. The new Dashboard has the most current school and student data available to the state, including 2018 test scores and graduation rates.

“In the Hart School District, the goal is not to merely prepare students for the annual state assessments,” said Dave LeBarron, director of Curriculum and Assessment for the Hart School District. “The goal is to take the time and invest the resources to ensure our students get an outstanding education. The outcome of achieving our goal is that our students do well on the state assessments.”

The Dashboard is a key component of California’s five-year overhaul of the state’s school accountability system. It displays statewide data based on status (how each school or district performed) and change (how much they have improved or declined over time). The Dashboard also breaks down information by student group (low-income, English learner, foster youth, etc.) to help pinpoint and address achievement gaps.


Hart School District Students Compared to Students Statewide. Hart District Student Averages: English Language Arts - Green, Mathematics - Green, Graduation Rate - Blue; California Student Averages: English Language Arts - Orange, Mathematics - Orange, Graduation Rate - Yellow
Hart School District students continue to outperform students across the state in English, math and graduation rate, as well as other state-measured metrics found at www.caschooldashboard.org
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