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Castaic High School Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum enrollment needed to open in 2019?
Castaic High School is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019 for 9th grade only. An additional grade level will be added each subsequent year. We anticipate that the first 9th grade class will include approximately 250 students. In addition, we are exploring the option of opening an Academy which could accommodate up to an additional 200 students starting in 2019.
Will Castaic students have the option of attending other Hart District schools?
All of the schools in the Hart District draw from specific areas determined by current Attendance Boundaries, and students within those boundaries attend that school. Castaic High School will be the “school of residence” for students living within the Castaic community. Because there will be space available at Castaic High School, at least for the first few years, the campus will offer “open enrollment” and will accept students outside the specified attendance boundaries.

If a Castaic student has a sibling currently attending another Hart District school, will they still be required to attend Castaic High School?
Under the Hart District’s current policy, a student may request to attend the school of an older sibling as long as the sibling is still in attendance during the year when the younger sibling begins enrollment. This request is made through the “Intra-District Request” process.

Can we choose a school based on sports?
No. CIF rules strictly prohibit a student from attending a school outside his/her attendance boundaries for sports-related reasons.
What is the maximum enrollment at Castaic High School?
Like other Hart District high schools, Castaic High School was built to have a maximum capacity of 2400 students.


Will all buildings be complete and available for use when the school opens in 2019?
The plan is to have all buildings, including the gymnasium and performing arts center available for use when the school opens. Construction timelines can be impacted by unforeseen conditions, weather delays, etc. At the current time, we are on schedule to have all buildings complete for our first 9th grade class.
When will the faculty be assigned?
We are currently in the process of selecting a Principal for Castaic High School. A recommendation for this position will be brought to the Governing Board this spring. The principal and his/her leadership team will work with the Hart District to select and assign staff.
Will Castaic have an “open campus” where students leave for lunch?
Students in grades 11 and 12 who are in good standing and have the permission of their parents are eligible for “off campus” privileges for lunch. As is the case at all Hart District schools, students in grades 9 and 10 are not permitted to leave campus at lunch.
Will there be shade structures?
The design of the school includes a large covered area adjacent to the eating area for students. In addition, 750 trees will be planted which will offer additional shade when they mature.
Will there be security guards?
All high schools in the Hart District have a team of Campus Supervisors assigned to patrol their campus. In addition, each school is assigned a School Resource Deputy (SRO). The SRO develops relationships with the students, assists staff with difficult situations and is available in case of threat or emergency.
What measures are being taken to secure the school from intruders?
The campus will be secured with fencing and locked gates requiring visitors to check in at the main office. The gates and campus will be monitored throughout the day by campus supervisors. Video surveillance cameras will be installed at key locations throughout the campus. A School Resource Officer will be assigned to support Castaic High School. The text-a-tip program will be activated providing a confidential method for students to report concerns immediately and directly to the School Resource Officer and School Administration. Once the Principal is selected, he or she will begin building a foundation of school climate and culture that promotes safety for all students.
Will solar panels be installed?
Castaic High School will not be opened with solar in place. It is possible that solar will be added after baseline utility use is determined.
Will fiber for data be installed throughout the campus?
Data will be run entirely through the campus and Wi Fi will be available in all classrooms, meeting areas, and even in the outside Quad area.

Will athletic fields be open to residents when not in use by the school?
Like all Hart District facilities, the athletic fields at Castaic High School will be available, when they are not being used for school groups, for community use through our “Facility Use Permit” procedure.
Will there be a “Block Schedule” at Castaic High School?
Decisions about Block vs. Traditional schedule will be made by the planning team after the Planning Principal is selected later this spring.


Will Castaic High School offer the same curriculum as other Hart District schools?
Yes. The core curricular offerings will be consistent with other high schools in the Hart District. Students will have access to all courses required for high school graduation. In addition, through the “Concurrent Enrollment” process, students will have the opportunity to take a variety of college courses while attending Castaic High School.
Will there be a Video Production program?
Elective offerings are based on student interest. Video Production is a popular elective choice throughout the District. Since the enrollment at Castaic High School will be low for the first couple of years, the Hart District will be accepting input from the community to select the elective course offerings that will be of highest interest to the students.
Will there be a full theater program offered at Castaic High School?
Theater Arts is a very popular elective offering throughout the District. Castaic High School has been designed to include a beautiful Performing Arts Center that will become the focal point of a rich theater program.
Will Advanced Placement classes be available to incoming freshmen?
Castaic will offer some of the most popular Advanced Placement classes based on student interest and eligibility. Most Advanced Placement courses are offered during grades 10-12. In addition, students eligible for more advanced coursework will be able to take advantage of college-level courses offered through Concurrent Enrollment with College of the Canyons.
What programs will be offered for students with Special Needs?
Students with special needs will be accommodated in the Least Restrictive Environment according to their IEP. Basic special education classes will be offered on campus while more specialized programs are offered on a regional basis at designated Hart District schools.


Are there plans for a football stadium with lights?
Hart District high schools share two “District Stadiums” (Canyon High School and Valencia High School) along with College of the Canyons for their games. Castaic High School will have the same football field (with artificial turf) and track facility as West Ranch, Golden Valley, Hart and Saugus High Schools.
Will there be a Football Team?
The Hart District recognizes the importance of the athletics program and will select dedicated coaches who are interested in building strong athletics programs, starting with Freshmen level teams the first year.
Will there be an Equestrian Team?
Students will have the opportunity to compete for their school through an Equestrian Club, contingent on student interest. No Hart District school currently has an Equestrian on-campus team.
Where will the swim team practice?
Swim practice at all Hart District high schools utilize community facilities.
Will the tennis courts be lighted?
As is the case with other District schools, the tennis courts will be equipped for daytime use and will not have lights.

More information to follow.