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District Departments » Student Services » Intra-District Transfers: 2021-2022

Intra-District Transfers: 2021-2022

Intra-District Transfer (IDT) Request 
The window to request transfers for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year will open on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Please do not submit a request for transfer prior to this date. This page will be updated between now and January 14, 2021. Please review the information on this page prior to submitting your request.
Please be advised of the following procedures to complete an IDT:
  • Step 1: Review this webpage carefully including the established criteria for requesting an IDT.
    • If the reason for your request is not listed, please contact the principal at your child's home school to share with them your concerns. If the reason for your IDT does not meet one of our established criteria, the IDT will be denied. 
  • Step 2: Please complete the Google Form linked below and submit to initiate your request.
    • Within 14 days, an email will arrive in your inbox from WSH Student Services.
    • Please wait for this email.
    • Please DO NOT submit another request.
    • If you have multiple students, individual IDT requests will be required for each student.
  • Step 3: When the email arrives, please click on the yellow box to "review documents." Follow all instructions on the form and submit.

  • Step 4: Your documents will be routed to the school site and District personnel. Please allow up to 10 days to receive final word regarding the status of your IDT request.

Matriculation Notice for 8th Grade Students

With the exception of Castaic residents, your child will automatically transfer from their current junior high school to the feeder high school for 9th grade. No action is needed on your part. As such, please make note of the following"

    • If your child is at Arroyo Seco Junior High, your child will attend Saugus High School
    • If your child is at La Mesa Junior High, your child will attend Golden Valley High School
    • If your child is at Placerita Junior High, your child will attend Hart High School
    • If your child is at Rancho Pico Junior High, your child will attend West Ranch High School
    • If your child is at Rio Norte Junior High, your child will attend Valencia High School
    • If your child is at Sierra Vista Junior High, your child will attend Canyon High School

Important Notes:

  1. If your 8th grade child lives in a different high school boundary and prefers to attend the high school of residence rather than accepting the automatic rollover to the feeder high school, please notify the registrar at your current junior high school. You do not need to complete an IDT form.

  2. Castaic High School is open to District students (grades 9 through 11) under open enrollment. If you would like to attend Castaic High School, please complete the open enrollment form by clicking here. This form is different from the IDT form.

  3. If you would like your child to attend a school other than placement based on their current junior high school, placement at your neighborhood high school, or placement at Castaic High School through open enrollment, an intra-district transfer (IDT) form must be completed. Completion of an IDT form DOES NOT guarantee placement.
Students living in Castaic
If your student resides in Castaic and is accepted to the William S. Hart Union High School District for junior high school through the inter-district transfer process, your child will attend Castaic High School after the completion of 8th grade. The only exception would be if a sibling is attending Valencia or West Ranch High Schools in the 2022-2023 school year (sibling rule).
Criteria for Requesting an IDT
The list below consists of the criteria for which a school transfer can be requested. If your situation does not meet one of these criteria, please contact your school's principal at your neighborhood junior high or high school. Please do not complete an IDT form.
    • Documented harassment or victimization at the neighborhood school (within Infinite Campus)
    • Sibling is attending and will be remain enrolled at the requested school.
      • Please note that siblings would need to attend high school together at some point. 
    • Parent is a William S. Hart Union High School District Employee
    • Parent is currently Active Military
      • Documentation will need to be uploaded
    • Homelessness
      • Date when residence was lost will be needed.
    • IEP has been held and requested school placement was approved.
      • The IEP team will fill out the IDT form and will document the date of the IEP. No action necessary on the part of parents.
Step 2: Complete Google Form
Thank you for reviewing our District's school transfer policies and procedures. If the reason for your request meets one of our criteria for school transfer, please take a moment to complete the transfer Google Form by clicking here. As a reminder, you will receive an email within 14 days from WSH Student Services. Please review the information you receive via email and submit the documents once complete.
    • Incoming 7th Grade Students: Please contact your feeder junior high school.
    • Students in grades 8 through 12, please reach out to your child's current school for information. Your school's principal, counselor, and/or registrar are available to answer questions!