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Center for Educator Preparation and Assistance (CEPA) FAQs

What services are offered at CEPA?
CEPA offers services ranging from PAR Consultants for teachers getting ready to begin their careers, to assistance for veteran teachers referred by their principals because of unsatisfactory evaluations, the Hart Induction Program for teachers, administrators, and career tech (pending), ongoing professional development offerings.

Where is the CEPA and how do I contact it?
CEPA is located at 31575 Valley Creek Road, Castaic, CA, 91384. The office phone is (661) 259-0017. The administrative assistant is Mary Delgado, [email protected] 

Who is served by PAR?
PAR is for teachers who are new to the district and have fewer than three years teaching experience with a clear credential. Veteran teachers who have been referred by their principals are also served by PAR. See section in notebook for additional information about the history, contract language and forms endemic to the PAR Program.

What do all of these services have in common?
All of them are driven by teaching performance exemplified and delineated by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

Who receives services from Teacher Induction Program?
California Induction Program is the name of the program sponsored by the state of California by which preliminary credential holders demonstrate efficacy and earn their clear single subject credential. More information may be found at www.ctc.ca.gov

What are the requirements of the Hart Induction Program?
Teachers in the program sign a contract acknowledging the requirements that include but are not limited to:
  • Working for two years in a thoughtful relationship with a Mentor
  • Completion and implementation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Completion of a portfolio
  • Completion of proficiencies
  • Attendance at Professional Learning as identified in the ILP
  • Exit Interview to determine candidate competency

Who pays for induction?
The state and the district bear the costs. There is no cost for teachers. Universities offer their programs for a fee.

What is the timeline for completion of the Hart Induction Program?
It is expected that the program will last two years. Teachers with two or more years of teaching experience may apply to the Induction Director for an application for an Early Completion Option (ECO).

Can I receive university credit for my participation in the Hart Induction Program?
Yes. See the section of the notebook and on University Partnerships and Continuation Credit.
How do I find out when the workshops and seminars are offered?
The professional learning opportunities are listed at the district website along with directions on how to sign up.

Do you have an approved CASC Induction Program?
Yes, the Hart Induction Program offers a Clear Administrative Induction Program.  Candidates are paired with an experienced administrative coach to guide thoughtful conversations about administrative practices for beginning administrators.  Candidates create an Individual Induction Plan (IIP) that is guided by thoughtful, professional work with the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL).