Hart School District Schedule Next Week

It’s with a heavy heart that we approach this task. We cannot lose site of the fact that there are families in our community whose lives have been shattered by the events of this past week. Let us commit to caring for them – and for one another – as we take the first few steps toward healing and the resolution of positive daily routines for our children and loved ones.

In our effort to understand how to walk through this dark valley, we’ve spoken to school leaders from throughout the country who have faced similar tragic situations. With their guidance we have prepared a plan that we believe can help our students and staff heal and safely return to a normal, healthy routine. 

Monday, November 18 

All Schools (With the exception of Saugus)

On Monday, November 18, all Schools (with the exception of Saugus) will resume their normal schedule of classes. Law enforcement has committed to an expanded, visible presence around all campuses and each campus will have additional counseling support services in place.  District Office officials have been assigned to every school site and all administrative teams have spent the last several days reviewing safety protocols and procedures. Please reach out directly to your school’s administration if you have questions or concerns. 

The Hart District has been working proactively with law enforcement on the social media rumors that have been circulating on the internet.  The Sheriff’s Department has diligently tracked down these rumors and they have found no credible threats. This includes the vague rumor referring to the date of 11/18. In addition, we are aware of the post alleging problems with a student at West Ranch.  These allegations were looked into by the Sheriff’s Department many weeks ago. They have determined there to be no credible threat. We hope that this news will alleviate the anxiety surrounding this situation. 


Saugus High School

We have decided to slowly open access to the campus and to provide optional supportive activities for students this coming week.  Students choosing to come back to campus will be surrounded by law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, community members and friends offering love and encouragement.  Family members are welcome to participate. While an abbreviated schedule is listed below, Principal Vince Ferry will be reaching out to Saugus families with additional details soon.

Monday 11/18

School remains closed for students


Tuesday 11/19

Students are welcome to come on to campus to retrieve belongings from 10 am - Noon.


Wednesday 11/20

From 10 am - 2 pm, optional activities will be planned for Saugus students that involve helping them process, heal and move forward. 


Thursday 11/21

From 10 am - 12 pm, optional activities will be planned for Saugus students that involve helping them process, heal and move forward.  (Saugus Staff will be in specialized training from 12 pm - 2 pm)


Friday 11/22

School remains closed for students


Classes will resume for students after the Thanksgiving Break - Monday December 2, 2019.

On behalf of the Saugus family – we want to thank everyone for the countless acts of kindness and compassion that have been extended by friends, neighbors, local churches, community groups, local, state and national leaders.  Let us take courage in knowing that we are stronger as we stand together to face this crisis. 


Thank you,

Mike Kuhlman
Deputy Superintendent
William S. Hart Union High School District