Distance Learning Message from Superintendent Mike Kuhlman



In preparation for our transition to this online environment, we encourage you to visit our Distance Learning webpage for helpful tips on how this new process will work.  We will be updating this page with new resources daily. 


Students who do not have a computer should contact their school’s administration.  Site administrators can arrange for the distribution of a Chromebook for use during this period of Distance Learning.  Several links for free or reduced cost internet services are posted on our Distance Learning webpage.


Please remember that as we venture into new territory, we are likely to encounter questions, challenges and problems to be solved.  Rest assured that we are going to work hard to address each issue in order to meet the needs of our students.  You can help us by remaining flexible during this period of transition. 

A temporary Distance Learning schedule has been developed to help keep students on track.  Subject area teachers (English, math, science, etc.) have been asked to provide instructional activities that can occur within two 90-minute blocks each week.  Part of this time will be for teachers to engage students with activities such as a video, a lecture, or an interactive website etc.    Part of it may also be time set aside for students to complete assignments.  The Distance Learning schedule can be found here:


Teachers have been asked to have introductory lesson information posted prior to the start of classes tomorrow.  Most teachers will use Google Classroom.  Instruction may come in a variety of forms, including teacher chats, posted video lessons, assigned readings, etc.  Given the challenges associated with this rapid transition, teachers have been encouraged to pare down their curriculum to the essential standards.  This means that they have been asked to reduce the breadth and scope of their standard curriculum so as to focus on the priorities.  Nevertheless, students should understand that some assignments will be graded, examinations will be conducted, and grades will ultimately be posted.  Take note that Friday, March 20, is the end of the grading period.  Report cards will be posted next week as originally scheduled.


While our teachers are working hard to get the pieces in place, we expect to encounter bumps along the road.   When you do encounter a problem with Distance Learning, please direct your email questions to the following individuals - in the following order:

  1. Teacher
  2. Counselor
  3. Site Administrator
  4. District Office (259-0033 ext. 0)

While everyone is willing to assist, following this progression will allow us to respond most efficiently.

Our Hart District students are resourceful, resilient and tech savvy – all qualities necessary to make this temporary instructional diversion work.  With their help – and yours - I’m confident we can meet this challenge together and see it through to a successful conclusion. 


Mike Kuhlman