Hart District to Hold Drive-Thru Graduations


Good afternoon Hart District Family,

Today we received GOOD NEWS from the County of Los Angeles regarding graduation car parade celebrations.  At 12:00 pm we learned that the county health order was being amended so that “Car parades are now allowed so that graduations, birthdays and other special days and achievements can be safely celebrated.” (subject to specified criteria)

Just yesterday afternoon, the County of Los Angeles shared an email memorandum with the message that the County health order was prohibiting such activities:

“The order does not allow any exemptions for graduation gatherings of any type in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means all in-person graduation ceremonies, including use of cars for drive-in graduations (even if one student at a time), are considered public gatherings and are therefore prohibited.”

Today’s news is a welcome reversal!  We have been working behind the scenes to prepare for this remote possibility.  Now that we have a green light, expect news in the very near future on how we will plan to celebrate our seniors with special graduation car parades.

On behalf of Hart District staff and the Governing Board, we thank you for your patience – and we look forward to several days of celebration in the near future.

Best Regards,

Linda Storli - President, William S. Hart Governing Board

Mike Kuhlman – Superintendent, William S. Hart Union High School District