Fall 2020 Planning Update

For more information on the fall semester please go to https://www.hartdistrict.org/apps/pages/coronavirus-info
Fall 2020 Planning Update - July 17, 2020
Today Governor Newsom announced new expectations for the reopening of schools. The Governor's statement indicates that the Hart District should begin classes on August 11 in an online format.
While today's announcements will necessitate time to digest the specifics, I want to be clear that the Board's decision on Wednesday is consistent with these latest guidelines from the State - at least in terms of our immediate next steps for online learning.
Mike Kuhlman
Fall 2020 Planning Update - July 15, 2020
At the July 15 Governing Board meeting, the Board adopted a modified Fall 2020 Action Plan for the start of school that temporarily calls for Online Learning. The Board authorized the following:
Classes will begin on August 11 in an online format
Online instruction will continue for approximately five weeks (through the first progress reporting period - September 11)
Staff will report to work as assigned for the start of the school year
Training will start right away to enhance online instruction, to prepare for the next phase of Blended Learning, and to implement safety procedures as outlined in the Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools, with the overriding goal to fully open

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