Hart District Deploying HEPA Filtration in Every Classroom

This purchase was made possible with Federal COVID-19 relief funds.
“We are excited to be able to acquire and deploy these units in the continued effort to do all we can for staff and student safety during these times,” said Dr. Collyn Nielsen, chief administrative officer for the Hart District.
IQAir, the manufacturer, states on its website, “The award-winning HealthPro Plus features four advanced filtration technologies, including HyperHEPA filtration of particles of all sizes, plus V5-Cell advanced filtration of gases and odors. Excellent all-around filtration for allergens, bacteria, dust, viruses and common VOCs."
Each classroom will have these HEPA filtration systems in place before small cohorts return to campuses on February 8. IQAir recommends each machine’s filters be changed once every two years.