Hart District Students to Interact With Astronauts in Space

La Mesa Junior High School was chosen by NASA to participate in an Earth-to-space call that will air live on NASA Television. Astronauts Megan McArthur and Thomas Pesquet are scheduled to answer prerecorded questions from Hart District students sometime on the morning of August 31 (TBD).

“I hope everyone appreciates just what an extraordinary honor it is for us to have been chosen to speak with the astronauts on the International Space Station,” said Hart District Superintendent Mike Kuhlman. “My hope is that a new generation of scientists and astronauts are born from this opportunity.  Many thanks to our amazing administrative and teaching staff who have made STEAM a focus. This is the kind of thing that helps students see the relevance to their studies.

La Mesa Junior High School, which has started the academic year with the theme “Your future will be out of this world,” will use this opportunity to launch their students into the new school year and inspire them to pursue STEAM careers. The school is also a Capturing Kid’s Hearts Showcase School and will have the District’s 2021/22 Teacher of the Year – Shelley Turski – flying on a NASA SOFIA mission later this year.