Ira Rounsaville Named Social Worker to Promote Positive School Culture and Climate in the Hart District


SANTA CLARITA, Calif – The Hart District Governing Board has established a commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity, kindness, and respect for all students and staff. With that in mind, the William S. Hart Union High School District is proud to announce that Ira Rounsaville has been appointed as the district social worker charged with overseeing the promotion of positive culture and climate in our schools.

“As a school district, we believe that every student deserves to feel valued and supported, regardless of their background or personal circumstances,” said Superintendent Mike Kuhlman. “Recent conversations about race and culture have only highlighted our need to prioritize these as areas of focus.”

Mr. Rounsaville will be responsible for working closely with students, families, and staff members to promote a positive and inclusive district culture. This will include developing and implementing programs and practices that support social-emotional learning, conflict resolution, and restorative practices.

In addition, Mr. Rounsaville will work closely with teachers and administrators to implement practices that help to ensure students feel safe and supported in the classroom. This will involve providing training and resources to help teachers create a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

Mr. Rounsaville has served with distinction as a school social worker at Saugus High School for four years. He is highly regarded for his calm demeanor, his communication skills, and his ability to work with diverse groups to resolve conflict and achieve consensus. “Since joining the Hart District I’ve been impressed with the leadership’s willingness to grow and become a better school district. I’m excited for the opportunity to impact change at the district level and help ensure that we are One Hart,” said Rounsaville.