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Classified Personnel Department


(661) 259-0033 ext. 220

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The William S. Hart Union High School District offers a wide variety of job opportunities in non-teaching positions. Currently, the District employs approximately 750 classified staff members in the following fields: Instructional Assistants, Business & Fiscal Services, Human Resources, Maintenance & Operations, Secretarial/Clerical, Student Support Services, Technology, Transportation, and Warehouse.


The Governing Board and Personnel Commission are committed to equal employment opportunities for all individuals that shall be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, national original, ethnic group, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, section 504 disabilities or any other unlawful consideration.


Thank you for your interest in the William S. Hart Union High School District.

John-Anthony Muraki

Director of Classified Personnel 
(661) 259-0033 ext. 220
Email: [email protected]

Diane Block
Administrative Assistant - Classified Personnel

- Professional Growth
- Unemployment Claims
- Verification of Employment
- Catastrophic Leave Bank
(661) 259-0033 ext. 220
Email: [email protected]

Sondra Celaya
Human Resources Specialist - Classified Personnel
- Parental Leave
- Military Caregiver/Exigency Leave
(661) 259-0033 ext. 251
Email: [email protected]

Gina Doe
Human Resources Analyst
- Recruitment & Testing
- Job Postings
- Eligibility Lists
- Certification Lists
- Salary Studies
(661) 259-0033 ext. 411
Email:  [email protected] 

Kelly Csulak
Human Resources Analyst
- Salary Studies
- Recruitment & Testing
- Personnel Requisitions
- Seniority Lists
- Summer School Assignments
(661) 259-0033 ext. 276
Email: [email protected]

Debbie Lien
Human Resources Technician
- New Hires, Transfers, Promotions, Separations
(661) 259-0033 ext. 775
Email: [email protected]

Angelica Mendez
Human Resources Assistant II
- Substitute Employment: Classified Staff
- SmartFind Express Substitute System Administrator
- SafeSchools Online Training Administrator
(661) 259-0033 ext. 410
Email: [email protected]

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