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The Hart District is committed to providing clear, consistent, and timely communication to families, staff, and the community using a variety of communication platforms including our websites, social media, email and messaging, and other applications. We understand that maintaining an interactive conversation with our community is essential for building positive relationships. We are available for questions or concerns and welcome your input.
Contact: Debbie Dunn
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Media Protocol
We love to highlight the great teaching and learning happening on our school sites and we welcome press to cover stories about our schools and District. All media inquiries should be directed to [email protected]. Please do not contact the schools directly. The communications department will work to coordinate with the school site. 
The Hart District encourages administrators to make every effort to accommodate the reasonable requests of news media for access to schools. School officials may deny access when they believe that the media's presence may be disruptive, interfere with classes, or infringe upon other school activities
We want to celebrate the many programs and activities happening throughout the District!
Staff - please share good news about your classrooms, teams, events and activities with us here. The communications department will determine the best venue to highlight each activity.