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The Hart District is committed to providing clear, consistent, and timely communication to families, staff, and the community using a variety of communication platforms including our websites, social media, email and messaging, and other applications. We understand that maintaining an interactive conversation with our community is essential for building positive relationships. We are available for questions or concerns and welcome your input.
Contact: Debbie Dunn
Media Protocol
We love to highlight the great teaching and learning happening on our school sites and we welcome press to cover stories about our schools and District. All media inquiries should be directed to [email protected]. Please do not contact the schools directly. The communications department will work to coordinate with the school site. 
The Hart District encourages administrators to make every effort to accommodate the reasonable requests of news media for access to schools. School officials may deny access when they believe that the media's presence may be disruptive, interfere with classes, or infringe upon other school activities
One Hart Awards
Community ~ Caring ~ Courage ~ Creativity
Each month the District will recognize staff, students, and community members who exemplify
the Hart District's core values
2022/23 One Hart Award Winners
Vince Ferry Courage Vince Ferry embodies the core value of courage through his commitment to students as a leader. He not only led a staff through an experience that no educator should endure, but he also took the initiative and drive to work with a school to have it opened for the fall in just two short weeks. Mr. Ferry is a true symbol of courage and strength for the Hart District. Vince Ferry
Tina Hepp Courage Tina Hepp perseveres through challenges and honors those who show integrity. Tina is our district nurse who has an office at Rancho Pico and cares for our students as if they were part of her family. We are incredibly blessed to have Tina on our campus and part of our RP team. Her expertise and help with medical situations are greatly appreciated.
June Shin Caring June Shin represents Inclusivity, kindness, and respect.  She is Rancho Pico's classified employee of the year and is the most spirited staff member on campus, according to the students. June is kind, fun, competent, and willing to help everyone with everything! 
Aaron Quevedo Community Aaron is only a junior, but he has done so much for Hart High School that I want to give him this coin for community. Aaron was involved at Placerita with Kidflix and started the Miner Details podcast. I invited Aaron to take over the Hart to Hart podcast and he took it to levels I couldn’t have imagined. Now Aaron runs tech and lighting for stagecraft, and, as part of a team, basically runs almost all productions here at Hart. Without Aaron’s help we couldn’t have pulled off the Larry Fiscus memorial, nor back to school night, and the list goes on and on. Aaron reflects a sense of community at Hart. 
Arian Wilson Caring As the District's ELD Program Specialist, Arian Wilson personifies caring as she works with English learners individually at every school site.  She cares deeply about their personal stories, goals, interests, successes, and challenges.  She creates personalized learning paths to help them each access their education with language support to meet their needs.  Arian has completely rewritten the District's EL program for Newcomers, and continues to increase and improve all the services we provide.  It is truly because Arian cares so much that our EL students are able to succeed in unlimited ways.
Dennis Yong Community

We celebrate this cowboy today who is an outstanding teacher and advocate for change in our world. He is not only an outstanding teacher but an amazing coach.   His kindness and consideration for others is unparalleled and his sense of community outshines us all. Dennis receives the One Hart Award for community and as an incredible humanitarian. 

Irma Virgen Caring This cowboy  is dedicated to serving our EL Newcomers, and she puts her heart into her connections with the students. She is a collaborative and valued member of our Achieve team. Irma proactively looks out for our students as they learn how to navigate themselves at Canyon High School.  
Liberty Floyd Courage
This Cowboy is a model student and person. She is dedicated, a leader in words and in action, and is one of the most dependable students I have ever met. She  has been preparing to be ASB president for years and is exemplary. She has the courage to take on anything and always  finds time to balance all of her activities on and off campus. She is AMAZING. Liberty Floyd has the COURAGE to reach for her dreams.
Deputy Tarek Salah Community Deputy Salah plays an important part in our community by helping us supervise the campus. He also provides us with resources and services that ensure that our campus is a safe place. He is always willing to meet with students and their families.  Deputy Salah
Ira Rounsaville Community Mr. R is an integral part of our Centurion community. He works tirelessly to help students, staff, and families increase their mental health and thrive on campus. On a daily basis, he seeks out opportunities to build people up and spread genuine positivity on campus. Mr. R regularly looks for the good in those around him.  Ira Rounsaville
Sergeant Mike Marino Community Sergeant Marino is a hardworking individual, not looking for a pat on the back while working in service to the community. He oversees the District school resource officers, does an exceptional job to keep our campuses safe, and is unbelievably responsive to the needs of our community. We are thankful for our collaborative working relationship with him and the Sheriff's Department.    Sergeant Marino
Chris Varner Community Coach Varner was awarded the One Hart Award in the category of community. Coach Varner has done a lot to bring together the West Ranch community in many ways, specifically through the football program. His efforts in our community have been highlighted this year with the success of the football program. Coach Varner's team went 10-0 and won the Foothill League Championship for the first time in school history. To make this year even more special, two of Coach Varner's sons are on our varsity football team. We are very proud of Coach Varner's effort to bring together the West Ranch community.  Chris Varner
Richard Haring Caring Richard Haring received our One Hart award for caring and creativity.  He works with our students and families to support students in being successful on a daily basis.  The intramural soccer tournament that he organized and refereed was a huge success with enormous student participation.  Richard Haring
Lizbeth Benavides Caring Lizbeth Benavides received our One Hart award for caring.  She is a dedicated counselor who supports all students.  She is a welcoming face and such a wonderful addition to our team and school community.  Lizbeth Benavides
Kelly Soto Caring Kelly has been caring about students in a creative way for many years at Placerita.  She is one who works behind the scenes, always doing her job in an excellent way. She is regularly developing creative ways to teach her content so that all students have an opportunity to succeed. Kelly Soto
Lynn Lien Caring Lynn Lien is one of the founding staff members at Golden Valley - 19 years! She has cared about every staff member and community member while managing the main office.  Her ability to listen to staff and support all needs is amazing.  She is retiring soon and is so very deserving of this award for all she has done for GV and how she has served our community. Lynn Lien
Roy Loper Courage Roy Loper is our Lead Campus Supervisor at Academy of the Canyons.  He demonstrates the Hart core value of courage. He perseveres through challenges everyday in his line of work.  We appreciate his commitment to our students' safety and wellness.   Roy knows all of our students' names and supports their well being by caring for each individual student, staff, and community member.  We value his courage!   Roy Loper
Justine Bush Caring Justine is a great example of caring and she shows it daily in her work with the SDCLS program.  She organizes the students and facilitates real life special projects for them, most recently being the selling of "pumpkins" and having the students deliver them to the La Mesa staff member.  She has also volunteered to be a department mentor to new teachers and jumps in whenever needed to make every student matter!  Justine Bush
Michelle Rubenstein Community The One Heart Award was given to Michelle Rubenstein for community. Michelle embodies everything we want to promote in our Rio Norte community. As PTSA President she has shown a true passion for not only expanding active parent membership in PTSA, but specifically to expand the diversity of the PTSA parent base to show a true representation of our Rio Norte community. She has been instrumental to me, as a new principal, learning and understanding the needs of our families and she exemplifies collaborative partnership that seeks inclusivity and shows a love of everything Rio! Michelle Rubenstein
Dr. Robert Karzel Community The VHS medical science program and football team recognized the support of Dr. Ronald Karzel. Dr. Karzel has supported the VHS community for more than 30 years. 
Josh Benham Courage Josh shows courage daily in his role as ASB director and math instructor at Valencia High School. Josh Benham
    September 2022  
Nicole Jolicoeur Courage Nicole Jolicoeur stood by the SDCLS class last spring and was the constant for the students and staff in the program. She persevered through the challenges of adding a second class and showed up every time we interviewed teachers or instructional assistants. We appreciate your grit, perseverance, and courage to take on this new challenge.
Jenny Guzman Community Jennifer Guzman led our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team to take ideas that the team had previously developed on paper into a collaborative effort to launch PBIS to the entire school community during the first week of school. We have DASH posters and DASH tickets to recognize students who do the right things, act responsibly, show respect and have respect. She has set up a DASH ticket redemption system in our student store.   
Josh Nowak Courage For over ten years at Hart, Josh has been a courageous counselor and has recently led the counseling department to new heights. The number of counselors in his department has expanded tremendously. This year, Josh even created his own counselor retreat and that takes courage. Balancing classes and assisting with schedules is not the easiest in August, but Josh doesn’t shy away from these hard tasks. Over distance learning, Mr. Nowak courageously created a newsletter to send out to his caseload to keep his students and their families informed. Over and over again, Josh exudes the District's slogan, making "every student, opportunity ready." Thank you Josh for your courage and contributions to Hart High School.
Vince Wheeler
Carmelo Flores

Vince and Carmelo represent ASB and Athletics, which through the last three years has had to be very creative to keep students engaged and involved. They have demonstrated courage and creativity while allowing our community to enjoy athletics and school activities for over 10 years each. The amount of pride they take in GV and our community is incredible. Congratulations!

Mia Tretta Courage

Mia is an amazing student who has found a way to turn her pain into passion. She consistently looks for ways to improve the community around her and she is a positive force on campus. 

Lisa Soares

Lisa demonstrates thoughtful courage. She is able to get us to look at what we are doing well, while also asking us to be reflective and identify how we can be better. 

Mark Funk Community Mark continuously plays into the well being of the Sierra Vista campus, not just through his responsibilities as Plant Manager but also interacting with staff, students and all coming onto campus. Photo of Mark Funk
Angela Knolls Caring Angela is a team player. She goes above and beyond to assist students, parents, and teachers. Angela jumps in at anytime to provide the best service. Angela is well deserved of this award. Photo of Angela Knolls
Cary Quashen Community Cary Quashen, founder of Action Drug Rehab, has dedicated his life to reaching troubled teens. He is a local hometown hero and an important voice in the community regarding the dangers of drugs. He embodies all four Hart District core values of community, caring, creativity and courage. Thank you Cary! Photo of Cary Quashen
Diana Grijalva Caring Diana Grijalva is the academic counselor at AOC. Everyday, she cares deeply for each of our students and supports their individual academic and career oriented goals by creating individual education plans with every student on our campus. Diana will stop everything she is doing when a student is need of emotional support. She spends countless hours taking care of our students academic and emotional needs. She truly demonstrates CARING for AOC.
Don Musella Community Don exemplifies our core value of community. Don is a teacher in our intervention program at Learning Post Academy and he helps every student reach their goal of earning a high school diploma. He encourages collaboration and embraces the strengths of our students to help motivate and encourage them to reach their academic goals. Photo of Don Musella
Tim Cotti
Tracie Priske

Tim Cotti, ASB Tech, and Tracie Priske, ASB Director, were both given the One Hart award for all they do to bring together the West Ranch community. Tim and Tracie were recognized for all of their hard work putting together our Homecoming Rally, football game activities and Homecoming Dance. They both work tirelessly to bring together the students, staff and parents to create a positive learning environment.

Photo of Time Cotti and Tracie Priske
Joanne Sparks Courage Anyone who has seen Joanne Sparks in action would no doubt look at the Hart District core values and immediately think of Caring, because she exemplifies that value. However, Joanne was selected for Rio's first One Hart Award because of the Courage she displays inside her classroom and out, every day, no matter what challenge comes her way. She would not tell you it's always easy, but she shows up, radiating positivity and gives her all to her students and her colleagues each day she is here at Rio Norte. Joanne displays Courage not because she shows up, but because of how she shows up for everyone around her, even on her most difficult days. Photo of Joanna Sparks
Paul Kass Community Paul exemplifies the core value of Community.  Paul is a math teacher at Placerita and has been the advisor for our Kid Flix Productions that produces our Miner Morning TV for over 25 years.  He is continually involved in multiple programs that help our entire school community throughout the year. Photo of Paul Kass
Rosa Bartolovich Caring Rosa exemplifies the core value of Caring. Rosa is our head counselor and has been caring for students at Placerita for many years. She is always guiding, supporting and helping all her students walk through the stressful parts of junior high school. She is always thinking of creative ways to support all her students throughout the year. Photo of Rosa Bartolovich
August 2022     Picture/Video
Steve Lindberg Caring Steve has taught at Hart for 36 years and is also the boys and girls golf coach. Mr. Lindberg is also part of our Equity and Diversity Collaborative and led students, before our District’s Strategic Plan motto was created, to have the same ‘One Hart’ mentality here on the campus of Hart High School because he cares so much about Hart, the staff, and students.
Kelly Seidenkranz Courage Kelly was honored with Canyon's first One Hart commemorative coin for Courage because of her determination, perseverance, respect and integrity.
Will Hornstein Creativity As Special Education teacher and co-department chair, Will Hornstein is being recognized for his Creativity in supporting all students at Arroyo Seco and for always striving to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Thank you for all that you do, Will! Picture of Will Hornstein
Amanda Stieff Community Amanda Stieff is being recognized for her commitment and contributions to the Community of Arroyo Seco. Her efforts with the Professional Development team in guiding staff through the process of clarifying expectations and teaching them to our students have helped to ensure a positive start to the new school year. Thank you Amanda! Picture of Amanda Stieff
Rachel Villa Caring Rachel Villa, Office Manager, is the epitome of Caring. For more than 30 years, she has demonstrated patience and a sense of calm in supporting the staff, parents, and students of Arroyo Seco. Her positivity and willingness to help are greatly appreciated. Thank you Rachel! Picture of Rachel Villa
Jan Ondra Courage Jan Ondra exemplifies Courage as plant manager at West Ranch High School. Jan has been working overtime for the last 6 months or more as a result of our custodial staff being understaffed. Jan has led his team by example by getting our campus ready for this school year for our students and staff.
Mirna Herrera
Kellen Atkins
Mirna has been a great example of being a servant to the community.  Her efforts to welcome a new principal and office staff have tremendously helped with the transition and start to the school year.  She always has a positive attitude and is always willing to jump in and offer assistance at any moment.
 As a veteran counselor at La Mesa, Kellen is getting the One Hart Award for Creativity as he is always looking for ways to connect with students as individuals in a diverse student population.  He has proven to be a vital asset to the team at La Mesa as he consistently looks at each student as individuals that are full of potential.
Picture of Mirna Herrera and Kellen Atkins
Debbie Dunn Creativity Debbie Dunn is an exceptional example of an individual whose creative drive is making the Hart District a better place for students, staff and parents. She is responsible for branding the District with new logos that celebrate our core values and our fundamental purpose: “Every Student – Opportunity Ready”. Based on the input of parents, she is working with a team to update our website and is responsible for sharing daily content about the District on our social media accounts. We present her with the One Hart award and celebrate her outstanding CREATIVITY. Picture of Debbie Dunn
We want to celebrate the many programs and activities happening throughout the District!
Staff - please share good news about your classrooms, teams, events and activities with us here. The communications department will determine the best venue to highlight each activity.