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Governing Board Members

The Governing Board is comprised of five members, elected by trustee area to serve four-year terms. Board members are chosen by the community to provide leadership and oversight of the district’s 22,000 students and 2000 employees.

The Board is responsible for establishing educational goals and standards; approving curriculum; setting policy; approving the district budget; confirming appointment of personnel; and approving purchases of equipment, supplies, services, leases, renovation, construction, and union contracts. In order to manage the day-to-day administration of the district, the Board appoints a superintendent of schools.

Image of Bob Jensen
Mr. Bob Jensen
Trustee Area No. 2 representative
email: rjensen@hartdistrict.org
phone number: (661) 705-4223
current term 2018 - 2022
Image of Joe Messina

Mr. Joe Messina
Trustee Area No. 5 representative
email: jmessina@hartdistrict.org
phone number: (661) 257-9250
current term 2018 - 2022 
Dr. Cherise Moore

Dr. Cherise Moore
Trustee Area No. 3 representative
email: cmoore@hartdistrict.org
phone number: (510) 290-3705 
current term 2018 - 2022
Image of Linda Storli
Mrs. Linda Storli
Trustee Area No. 1 representative
Assistant Clerk
email: lstorli@hartdistrict.org
phone number: (661) 313-8960
current term 2020 - 2024 
James Webb
 Mr. James Webb
Trustee Area No. 4 representative
email: jwebb@hartdistrict.org
phone number: (661) 210-7171
current term 2020 - 2024 
Student Board Member:
Pratika Prasad

Superintendent's Office
Telephone: (661) 259-0033 ext. 201
Fax: (661) 254-8635