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COVID-19: Student Exposure / Close Contact

The Hart District continues to follow directives for county, state, and federal agencies to provide students with a safe learning environment. As such, we continue our efforts to mitigate, to the extent possible, the spread of the virus.
With a positive case of COVID-19 at a school site, we are situated to take immediate action which includes the following steps:
  • A general email notification is made to students and staff who may have been exposed. 
  • Contact tracing continues and a list of students and staff who were close contacts of the individual are contacted.
  • Close contacts are provided with information regarding their quarantine period, if any.
  • Students who are required to quarantine are also provided with information on how to reach out to their teachers to request classwork and access to instruction during their absence.

As we start the contact tracing process, the first step is to identify all students and adults who may have been exposed to the individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. This early email communication is to advise all potentially exposed individuals to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms.
If symptoms of COVID-19 are present, the individual should be tested and self-quarantine until their results are available. For more information regarding the symptoms of COVID-19 or to complete a symptom checker for the virus, please click here.

Note: A confirmed case of COVID-19 does not mean all students in a classroom or at a school were exposed. The contact tracing process is utilized to determine the individuals who are considered to be a close contact of the ill individual.

For COVID-19, a close contact is anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. After the contact tracing process, any student identified as a close contact will be notified by phone with the following information:
  • The extent of the exposure (i.e., in a classroom, participation in an extra-curricular activity or team, etc.)
  • Quarantine instructions, if any.
  • Information on how to access coursework and assignments if a quarantine period is necessary.

Note: A student who passes by someone who tests positive for COVID-19 in the hallway, bathroom, or outdoor space does not make the student a close contact of the ill individual.

A positive COVID-19 test result is required to confirm illness. Being a close contact does not mean that your student is infected with COVID-19. A close contact is an individual who may have been exposed to the virus. Therefore, close contacts are asked to monitor their health for symptoms of the illness and complete their quarantine period (if any). If your student shows any symptoms of the virus, it is important to have your child tested.

A summary of our quarantine procedures is as follows:
  • Fully Vaccinated Students
    Your student is considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech (age 12+) or Moderna (age 18+) vaccine or two weeks after the single-dose of the Johnson & Johnson (age 18+) vaccine.
    • If your student does not have any symptoms, your student may return to school by providing proof of vaccination.
    • If symptoms are present, your student is required to obtain a COVID-19 test, and if the test is negative, your student may return to school once symptoms have resolved.

  • Unvaccinated Students
    Students who have not started or have not completed the vaccination process are considered to be unvaccinated.
    • All unvaccinated students are required to quarantine at home for ten (10) days.
    • An unvaccinated student may take a COVID-19 test on the sixth (6) or seventh (7) day of quarantine. If the test results are negative and the student is symptom free, the student may return to school with proof of their negative test results.

For detailed information regarding quarantine instructions, COVID-19 testing, or COVID-19 vaccination, please click on the appropriate link on the right.

Staff is working diligently to provide students with access to classwork and homework during a quarantine. If your student is required to quarantine, please work with your child to notify each of their teachers via email for further assistance. Please find below links to each school's staff directory to assist with this process.

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