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Maintenance & Operations

Often working behind the scenes, the Maintenance and Operations Department ensures that the district's schools, buildings and grounds are maintained with the highest level of care to create a safe learning environment. This includes conducting repairs related to mechanical, electrical and structural systems, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance, including landscape maintenance and cleaning.
Carle Manley
Director of Maintenance and Operations
(661) 259-0033 ext. 324
[email protected]

Jeffrey Lindstrom
Supervisor of Maintenance 
(661) 259-0033 ext. 323
[email protected]
David Cambaliza
Supervisor of Grounds and Operations
(661) 259-0033 ext. 325
Joanna Terrazas
Administrative Assistant
(661) 259-0033 ext. 321
[email protected]

Christina Bobby
Accounting Technician II
(661) 259-0033 ext. 322
[email protected]