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One Hart Awards

May 2024 

Photo of Cameron Ely


Cameron Ely Courage

It took courage for Cameron to become the only female baseball player in the Hart District. Cameron is a dual U.S. athlete (Dragon Boat team and Baseball) and is also an amazing scholar. Cameron, we know your courage will serve you well in your future!

Photo of Angel and Stephanie Nazario


Angel and Stephanie Nazario

While facing unimaginable heartache and pain, Angel and Stephanie Nazario have shown incredible courage and modeled resilience to students, staff and the community. They have been a powerful example as they have channeled their pain and sorrow into gratitude and love. Thank you to the Golden Valley community who has surrounded them with love and care.

Photo of Victoria Robinson


Victoria Robinson Creativity

Math Department Chair Victoria Robinson has been instrumental in Canyon's deep data dive to ensure we meet the needs of students as well as increase academic rigor. You can see by our increased math scores that she and her entire department have worked incredibly hard to help support our students to attain success. She continues to find new and inventive ways to lead and we are extremely fortunate to have her here at CHS. Thank you, Victoria. Well deserved.

Photo of Patti Miller


Patti MillerCommunity

Patti Miller is the founder and director of the Annual Hart Games. She is passionate about providing opportunities for young people with special needs, and hundreds of students have  benefitted from her vision and  incredible hard work over the last 12 years. Patti, you truly embody community and caring!

Photo of Mignon Stevenson


Mignon Stevenson Community

Mignon has been instrumental in a lot of the activities that have been taking place in the HR department this spring. She is at the center of a revolving door of stressed administrators trying to prepare for next year, stressed employees who have just been told that they will be working at a new site next year, and anxious administrators from both inside and outside the district inquiring about application details and timelines regarding our administrative openings.  And she has handled it all with compassion and professionalism.

Photo of Ira Rounsaville


Ira Rounsaville Courage

Ira was brought in to mediate and facilitate restorative practices for many of the major conflicts happening on campuses between students, staff, and families. He shows courage by going towards conflict instead of away from it. He is an excellent listener and has a gift for reframing situations to help others become more open-minded.

Photo of Aaron Kirkland


Aaron Kirkland Community

English Language Arts (ELA) Program Specialist, Aaron Kirkland, is a fantastic team player who has worked with each school's English Department and grade level teams to refine the ELA Priority Standards, Pacing, and Performance Task/Benchmark Exams. He has also been instrumental in aligning this work with the new ELA textbook adaptations. Aaron is the first one in the office in the morning and the last to leave in the evening, always pitching in to any District or Ed Services work. This includes being instrumental in the recently designed Data Protocol Cycle.  Aaron not only works tirelessly for the District, but he is a fun colleague who has found time to earn his Literacy Authorization while training for Ironman Triathlons. 

Photo of Lorena Gonzalez


Lorena Gonzalez Courage

Lorena has been in our counseling office as secretary for 11 years. This spring she stepped into the role of office manager while still fulfilling duties in the counseling office. Lorena has shown tremendous courage while learning at an extremely fast pace. Whether it be handling upset parent phone calls, ordering supplies for staff, arranging lunches, or making sure staff is paid, she has done so courageously and we are thankful for her willingness to step up and keep Hart running smoothly.

Photo of Scott Gore


Scott Gore Community

Scott Gore embodies the community of La Mesa Junior High. He actively seeks out ways to make sure the students, teachers, and families of our community have what they need to be successful on our campus. He is always available and willing to do whatever it takes to help in any way that is needed. La Mesa is lucky to have him as our Plant Manager.

Photo of Dianne Van Hook


Dianne Van Hook Community

Dr. Van Hook is celebrating her 36th year as Chancellor at College of the Canyons. She is an innovator and creator of programs and opportunities, including the Dare to Dream Scholarship, the opening of Academy of the Canyons, and the new Advanced Technology Center, to name just a few. She is also courageous. When she was hired as COC Chancellor, she was one of only five females in lead positions across the California Community College system. Thank you for your remarkable vision for COC and tenacity to make it happen.

Photo of Joan MacGregor


Joan MacGregor Community

Joan MacGregor has served the Santa Clarita community as a board member for the Sulphur Springs School District and College of the Canyons for 51 years. She is the founder of the SCV Trustee’s Association, which offers board members from districts in Santa Clarita an opportunity to meet and discuss school issues. Thank you for your commitment to community!

Photo of Mandy O'Connor



Mandy O’Connor Community

Mandy is celebrated for her dedication and hard work as Rancho Pico’s Parent Advisory (PAC) President. Over the past two years, Mandy’s leadership in fundraising, organizing student activities, providing food for faculty meetings, and facilitating recognitions has undoubtedly impacted the school's positive culture. Mandy’s commitment to enhancing the overall experience for students, faculty, and staff demonstrates a deep sense of care and dedication to the school's well-being. Her selfless service and tireless efforts deserve sincere gratitude and appreciation from all members of our school community.

Photo of Mona Harsolia


Mona Harsolia Caring

Mona's commitment to inclusivity and compassion has significantly impacted Rancho Pico and the Hart District. Mona fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. She educates and raises awareness about serving the needs of Muslim students at Rancho Pico and other schools in the Santa Clarita Valley. Mona helps to promote diversity and strengthen the sense of belonging for everyone in the school community. We are grateful for her care and leadership in helping to make Rancho Pico a more welcoming environment.

Photo of Michael Hoefflin Foundation Re receiving award


Michael Hoefflin Foundation Caring

Santa Clarita has a lot of amazing people and organizations. The Michael Hoefflin Foundation has been nothing less than spectacular. Their support of the Nazario family during their trying time has been nothing less than spectacular.  This organization not only supported the family, but provided indirect benefit to our GVHS Performing Arts Band and Choir programs as they were able to get information to and from our interim support so programs could continue.  Michael Hoefflin Foundation, thank you for your continued Care and support for our families and community.

Photo of Steven Boyd


Steven Boyd Caring

Golden Valley has amazing classified staff. This month we will pay tribute to a long-time district and GV staff member who has worked as a class instructional assistant and also as a one-on-one. He has a special talent for bringing calm into any classroom or situation he enters.  He also voluntarily supports our school every morning, helping direct traffic so our special population buses can enter as easily as possibly. He shared his talents at Sierra Vista and Rancho Pico before calling GV home.  Special thanks for his caring to Steven Boyd. 

Photo of Mackenzie Beltran


Mackenzie Beltran Courage

Golden Valley has students with a lot of stories. One story is about a young lady who struggled with challenges before and during the pandemic. When she came back to campus seeking more social life and inclusion, learning was not a priority and she found herself over a year behind in credits. She tried a new on-site online program to try and catch up during her senior year.  She did this with flying colors and not only recovered all the necessary credits, but took another six classes again in order to establish A-G eligibility. She recently graduated in great standing and has matured to become a very responsible young lady and is personally blossoming. GV is proud of the courage and perseverance of Mackenzie Beltran.

Photo of Christine Mocha



Christine Mocha Creativity

Christine brings out the very best in her students. She makes them want to be the best they can be. The music that comes forth is magic. We applaud you for your creativity!

Photo of Seth Hopkinson



Seth Hopkinson Creativity

Seth works tirelessly as our IT tech at Canyon. He is truly a one-man show, helping everyone on Canyon's campus with all of our technology needs. He is always up for the challenge and finds innovative and creative solutions. There is never a problem too big. Seth is receiving the One Hart Award for creativity.

Photo of Kristin Ramirez


Kristin Ramirez Community

Kristin does so much outside of teaching English at Hart. Kristin is the yearbook advisor, where she has raised tens of thousands of dollars annually to make sure we pay on time and keep getting amazing books.  She was also the National Honors Society Advisor. This year the group did a service project in the inner city giving away supplies to students in need. We are giving her a One Hart award for community.

Photo of Diana De La Maza


Diana De La Maza Courage

Diana has worked at Hart 16 years, and 22 years in the district 22.  Diana taught math, was the ASB Advisor for many years and was Hart’s Teacher of the Year 2021.  Diana's One Hart award is for courage - the courage to always rise above and conquer fears and make Hart an outstanding place to be a student. We will miss the De La Maza family and hope that their new Tennessee home will be just as warm as Hart always was.

Photo of Marci West, Ashley Thomas, Margo Butera, Sarah Ford, Michelle Fischer, and Mike Killinger


Marci West, Ashley Thomas, Margo Butera, Sarah Ford, Michelle Fischer, and Mike Killinger

These six individuals represent Valencia HS in a manner that is centered on caring, courage, and community.  They each excel in their individual areas, with a focus on the wellbeing and success of the VHS community and students.  We appreciate and value their work.

Photo of Danny Javier


Danny Javier Community

Anyone who knows and sees Danny on the corner of Decoro and Vista Delgado you will see his positive energy, smiling face, care, and compassion as he ensures the safety of our kids every day as our crossing guard.  He is a welcoming presence for our kids, family and staff each and every day and a vital part of our Seco community!

Photo of Alison Lawrence


Alison Lawrence Caring

Ms. Lawrence is a dedicated teacher that goes above and beyond for her students. She also leads our California Junior Scholarship Federation where she helps develop students not only academically but also by creating opportunities for them to be successful citizens in their community through service.

Photo of Loni Anderson



Loni Anderson Caring

Loni is an outstanding assistant principal. She approaches every situation with a positive attitude. She ensures students and staff feel heard and valued. She has set a standard of kindness, caring, and support for everyone on this campus from which we can all learn. She has honestly saved countless students while giving them hope and courage to move forward and reach goals that they never knew they could attain. Thank you, Loni. She receives our One Hart Award for courage, creativity, caring, and community.

Photo of Mike Koegle


Mike Koegle Creativity

Mike consistently demonstrates creativity in developing solutions for our students. Whenever a challenge arises, he thinks outside the box and finds innovative ways to move forward. His unwavering focus on AOC and willingness to support our community is truly commendable.

As part of our small staff, Mike is always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need. He cares deeply about every student, with particular attention to our neurodiverse students. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mike also assists with administrative duties and ensures school safety. Students feel safe and thrive in his classroom, benefiting greatly from his extraordinary teaching skills. Thank you, Mike, for your incredible dedication and hard work. We are fortunate to have you as part of our team!

Photo of Sandra Minassian


Sandra Minassian Caring

Sandra Minassian is our incredible school psychologist who supports our special education students at both LPA and AOC. Sandra also dedicates her time to Arroyo Seco, demonstrating her unwavering commitment across multiple campuses. Sandra is an invaluable supporter of our school community. Her deep care for our neurodivergent students and solution-oriented approach make a significant impact on our communities.  Thank you, Sandra!

Photo of Christol Tracy


Christol Tracy Caring

Christol exemplifies immense caring in absolutely everything she does for her students, their families, the English Department, Seco staff and the district. She has been instrumental in representing Seco at the district level, as we work to implement the Strategic Plan. She leads her department with the work of common assessments, IXL, sharing of best practices and does all with care, compassion, enthusiasm and positive energy.  She is a stellar English teacher and an incredible human being who you can always see around campus with a smile on her face!

Photo of Nina Withers


Nina Withers Community

Nina has been an incredible support to our teachers, students, and school as our PAC President. She is always available to organize and provide treats for our staff, set up PAC fundraising opportunities, and give back to our students with our 8th grade PAC scholarships. She went above and beyond this year with Staff Appreciation Week by not only organizing treats, lunches, and decorations for our staff everyday, but also giving each staff member the beautiful pots that she was able to get donated. Her care, compassion, and positive energy is felt by every staff member. Nina is a treasure to our school, students and staff!

Photo of Bubba Sanchez


Bubba Sanchez Community

After 24 years in the Hart District, Bubba retired this May. Bubba cares so deeply for his River Hawk Community. Opening Rio Norte in 2003 as Plant Manager, Bubba quickly came to know everything Rio. However, what made Bubba so special was his connection to the people - students, staff, parents, and our community facility users alike! Bubba is the kind of person who would do anything for anyone because to him, it made the school he loved so much a better place for people to be.  We thank Bubba for his years of service to the Hart District, but more importantly we applaud Bubba for his dedication to Rio - once a River Hawk, ALWAYS a River Hawk!

Photo of Allison Lee and Ben CeriniAllison Lee Caring

In addition to keeping up her academics and dancing numerous hours a week at her studio, Allie is our ASB President and serves on the Student Communications Council. She received the One Hart Award for caring and community because she exemplifies these qualities and embodies what it means to care about her River Hawk community. She is liked by peers and adults alike and is someone her fellow student body can look up to.

Ben Cerini Courage

Ben Cerini is one of our most spirited River Hawks and was awarded the One Hart Award for courage, because he comes in and faces challenges every day that most of us have never had. He does so with a smile, persevering through some of the most difficult tasks he's given and has won the hearts of every peer group on our campus. If you need someone to brighten your day, Ben is right there, and he inspires me to be courageous even when faced with tough decisions!

Photo of khloe Urquico


Khloe Urquico Creativity

Khloe has been on RioTV for two years. Taking a leadership position this year, she was tasked with the production of the principal’s weekly message to students. She is a role model and leader for students throughout campus and utilizes her out-of-the-box thinking and creativity to help bring new elements to our broadcast. She is always incredibly positive and is exceptional at managing her time, the show, and her school work and has even volunteered her video editing skills to help elementary schools in our valley.

Photo of Rafael Love


Rafael Love Caring

Placerita would like to recognize Rafael Love for his outstanding commitment to caring about his students. He is continually being patient and caring no matter the circumstance. He spends extra time with each student as needed to help them be the best they can be. We appreciate all his efforts as a caring teacher!

Photo of Leslie Tasevski


Leslie Tasevski Community

Placerita would like to recognize Leslie Tasevski for a One Hart Award in the area of community.  Leslie is our assistant principals’ secretary and works patiently all day with all of us to make our school community the best. She also meticulously organized our awards program for our eighth grade students and she creates a welcoming community for everyone.

Photo of Sarah Warrender


Sarah Warrender Community

Sarah Warrender was our PTSA President this past year. Sarah has a passion for bringing the parent and business community together to support Rio Norte students and staff. She is Rio Norte's biggest parent cheerleader and spends countless hours working with her executive board and our parent volunteers to enrich our River Hawk community's experience during their two years at Rio. Rio has been her second home these two years and we are going to miss her terribly. Congratulations and thank you to Sarah!

Photo of Diane Untalan and Elena Davis


Diane Untalan and Elena Davis Courage

Diane Untalan and Elena Davis were presented with the One Hart Award for Courage for their leadership in their departments and for the outstanding job they did putting together our two-day UDL staff development. While amazing teachers who love being in front of their students, like many teachers, being in front of the staff is not their comfort zone. They worked numerous hours to bring meaningful PD to our staff and so many of our faculty stated it was one of the best PD’s they've been a part of in some time. They are also an integral part of our PD team, thinking out-of-the-box and keeping in the forefront what is valuable to teachers for the best interest of students.

Photo of Darryl Stroh


Darryl Stroh Caring

Darryl Stroh is our PE Department Chair, coordinates our intramural program, and is a member of our PD team. He truly cares about a quality PE program for our River Hawks. He puts countless hours into having the best intramural program that can be offered and even when another department member is being paid, he is still there to support them, help with organization, and lend a hand. He is passionate about providing our River Hawks with opportunities to enrich their experiences because he cares most about what's best for students!

Photo of Heather Cruz


Heather Cruz Caring

As a Functional Academics teacher, Special Education Department Chair, and member of our PD team, Heather lives and breathes the attributes of caring, courage, creativity and community every day. She cares about her students and her staff, she shows courage when challenges arise, she is creative in her out-of-the-box thinking to ensure her students get what they need, and works with all staff to help support our Special Education students. In the end, everything she does is for her River Hawk community, from the students and parents to her department and our general education staff. We thank Heather for her commitment to Rio!

Photo of Ed Masterson, Sue Tweddell, and Hillary BroadwaterEd Masterson, Sue Tweddell, Hillary Broadwater

The William S. Hart Union High School District is proud to present the One Hart Award for community to the Valley Industrial Association (VIA).

VIA exemplifies our mission of preparing "every student" to be "opportunity ready" through their Connecting To Success program. This program connects businesses with schools, introducing underclassmen to essential workplace skills and fostering valuable community relationships.

The Hart District deeply values VIA's partnership in preparing our students for future success.  Congratulations and thank you to Ed Masterson, Sue Tweddell, Hillary Broadwater and the rest of the VIA team for modeling the best aspects of community.

Photo of Isaac ZamoraIsaac Zamora

Isaac is a teacher at Placerita Junior High School, but he is also the Varsity Track and Field Head Coach at Hart High School.  We are awarding Mr. Zamora with the One Hart Award for community because he has gone above and beyond for Hart.  An excellent wood shop teacher at Placerita, Mr. Zamora creates great connections with students.  One of those connections extended from the classroom to coaching, but again to the Hart Associated Student Body.  Mr. Zamora helped construct a moveable, folding brace to hold up large signage for our school rallies.  This has made our rallies even better and it was indeed our ASB students who were very grateful for Mr. Zamora's help.  What a true community leader that Hart and Placerita share!


Photo of Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones

Mrs. Jones received the One Hart Award for her caring spirit. She is always so thoughtful to leave cards for Sierra Vista staff members for every holiday. She thinks of others and is a hardworking individual that really cares for her students well being and success. Mrs. Jones continually promotes kindness with her thoughtful cards, caring spirit and kind gestures. Mrs. Jones is a wonderful asset to our school. 


Photo of Amanda Markovich


Amanda Markovich

Mrs. Markovich has been a wonderful asset to our Sierra Vista team this year. She was awarded the One Hart Award for community service. She has worked really hard to increase attendance at Sierra Vista. She reaches out to parents/students and gives them resources to help better their lives. She always has a smile on her face and she is loved by all. 


Photo of Jim Tanner, Laury StraussJim Tanner, Laury Strauss

Both Jim Tanner and Laurie Strauss are outstanding role models for the students, staff and families of the Santa Clarita Valley. Despite being retired for several decades, they continue to inspire and guide the next generation of leaders, exemplifying integrity, kindness, and a positive attitude.

Their ongoing presence in Santa Clarita ensures a continuous flow of wisdom and support. Both Jim and Laurie have been instrumental in shaping the strong sense of community we cherish - a core value that fosters a thriving learning environment for our students.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have known these two men and to have benefitted from their advice and counsel. Congratulations Jim Tanner and Laurie Strauss on being awarded the One Hart Award – specifically for modeling the core value of community.

Photo of Jake BerkowitzJake Berkowitz

Our athletic trainer, Jake Berkowitz, was awarded Canyon's One Hart Award for community and caring. Jake is a tremendous asset to the staff and students of Canyon High School and the Hart District. Jake's commitment to our student-athletes encompasses both the physical and mental aspects of student life. He spends numerous hours ensuring our students are safe and well taken care of. Thank you, Jake. We appreciate all you do for us.



Photo of Brandon Chang, Kent Gao, Omkar Guha, Jayden Cho, Michelle Diaz-McCormickBrandon Chang, Kent Gao, Omkar Guha, Jayden Cho, Michelle Diaz-McCormick

These students were recently named finalists for the National Modeling The Future Challenge. Their original research found that by 2030, a forecast of about 90% of the fentanyl overdose casualties in California will be directly linked to Snapchat. These students were supported by West Ranch teacher Mrs. McCormick and Andrew Poullit with the Actuarial Foundation. The group is currently in the process of discussing the research with the office of L.A. Mayor Karen Bass to see how the city of L.A. can attempt to combat the fentanyl crisis. West Ranch commends this group for its efforts in using math to create a better future in our community.

Signal news article: https://signalscv.com/2024/04/deadly-app-west-ranch-group-becomes-national-finalist-for-model-linking-snapchat-to-fentanyl-overdoses/

Modeling the Future Challenge news article: https://www.mtfchallenge.org/unveiling-the-2023-2024-modeling-the-future-challenge-finalists/

MFTC Team #16925 Research paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nuNoLgsw5peL8enhvdvvqxGdgDCLG0aR/view?usp=sharing

Photo of Eric Olsson


Eric Olsson

Eric Olsson received a One Hart Award from Castaic HS for community. Eric worked for the Hart District for over 30 years as a teacher and a coach. For the past couple of years, he has served as a long-term substitute teacher for many Hart District schools - most recently at Castaic. As a teacher, Eric fully invests himself in the school community, no matter where he is working. His ability to make connections and form relationships with students and staff is second to none. In the short amount of time he has been at Castaic, he has had a profound impact on our community and has become a "fan" favorite amongst students and staff. 

Photo of Robin SirokyRobyn Siroky

Robyn Siroky is the first friendly face that you meet when you enter Bowman's campus.  She exudes kindness to everyone who enters our doors.  Robyn is not only our attendance secretary, but she does so much more.  She is an all around amazing person whom we all truly appreciate.  Robyn Siroky encompasses all four of the One Hart values, but especially caring. 

Photo of Christy Foster


Christy Foster

Christy Foster instills care and community in her work with our School Ambassadors supporting the Drug Awareness Program with the Saugus Union School District and our incoming 6th graders!  She helps support giving back to our school by positively encouraging her students to participate in campus beautification. Also, she has created a community of care environment in her classroom with her passion for math! 

Photo of Juan GuzmanJuan Guzman


Juan Guzman exemplifies such care and concern for his one-on-one student each and every day!  Juan always stops to practice social and emotional skills with his student by meeting and greeting staff members. He fully engages with his student in the work, labs, and group collaborations in each and every class to support his student to his full potential. In addition, Juan is a huge support to the teachers in all of his student's classes and always has a smile and positive spirit!

Photo of Sonia MartinezSonia Martinez

Placerita's One Hart Award this month goes to our incredible Registrar Sonia Martinez.  Sonia exemplifies the essence of compassion and empathy in her daily interactions with colleagues and students alike. Her genuine concern for the well-being of others, coupled with her unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive environment, makes her a beacon of care within our community. Sonia's dedication to going above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels valued and supported truly embodies the spirit of the One Hart award for caring.

Photo of Stephanie Linn

Stephanie Linn

Stephanie Linn first stepped up when a teacher went out on leave over 10 years ago.  For two to three years, she stepped in on almost a full-time basis to fill that position until this teacher retired.  Stephanie took over three different math preps (Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra Prep), was the lead on the Algebra Prep, and even attended district meetings as our math representative out of the goodness of her heart.

She's stepped in swimmingly for many of our math teachers (and others) over the years, has battled cancer, and has supervised countless AP tests and CAASPP settings.  Her kids graduated from Hart High School and she has truly been a treasure to our school.  She has been the definition of community for the Hart family. She is moving to Santa Barbara and will be missed here at Hart.

Photo of Andrew Shousha
Andrew Shousha

As the Music Teacher at La Mesa, Mr. Shousha goes above and beyond to make the climate and culture of La Mesa an inclusive, supportive and....fun place to be.  He helps his fellow teachers and never turns down an opportunity to work with students or activities to continue to make La Mesa shine!



Photo of Pilar Schiavo
Pilar Shiavo

California Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo makes a difference in our school district, community, and across the state. She understands the critical need to speak up for those who may not have a voice to speak for themselves and to work hard for equality and fairness for all. She is identifying innovative opportunities to help  address these needs locally and across the state. She has helped the district address equity and inclusion through her support of the wellness centers, providing $123,000 for wellness support. She is a true partner to the Hart District. 


Photo of Allison Hook

Deputy Allison Hook

Deputy Hook has a deep connection to West Ranch as she graduated from our school. She puts a lot of time and effort into keeping our community safe. She recently participated in a halftime show at one of our basketball games with our drumline students. Deputy Hook goes above and beyond to support our students and we are grateful to have her in our community.


Photo of Julie Casady
Julie Casady

Julie Casady, our speech pathologist, reminds us of what is good in the world. She is a great example of someone who always has a positive presence. She has great energy and truly cares for our students. When she is in an IEP,  she always adds positive energy and speaks to parents with a smile. She also speaks in a very understanding way. She is loved by everyone.  When she walks into a room, students hope it is their turn to work with her.  She brings so much joy to our students and teachers. Many of us would not be able to function without her. 

Photo of Andres Rubalcava

Deputy Andres Rubalcava

Deputy Andres Rubalcava displays courage everyday when he works in many difficult situations.  He demonstrates community when he helps all of us at both Hart and Placerita keep our campuses safe.  However, he is also a very caring person as he has demonstrated repeatedly to us as he listens to every student that brings a concern to him.  It is an honor to work with him every day.

Photo of Alfredo Manzano



Alfredo Manzano Community

Saugus Boys Basketball Coach Alfredo Manzano exemplifies the core value of community. He creates a close knit community among his players and he also ensures that the basketball team is always making a positive impact on our Saugus community as whole. 


Photo of Madison Marshall

Madison Marshall

10th grader Madison Marshall makes a positive impact on the Saugus community daily. This year she started our Black Student Union to ensure that all students on campus have a group to connect with and a community to be part of. 

Photo of Bailey Posey


Bailey Posey Community

10th grader Bailey Posey leads our Saugus Equity and Diversity Club. She enhances our Saugus community by working with students and adults to make sure that all students feel valued and listened to.  

Photo of Megan Cooper
Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper is an amazing Grizzly.   GV has over 20 alumni as staff members.  One Grizzly is simply complimenting GVHS by making GVHS her life.  This young Grizzly graduated from GV in 2012.  She was a solid student who ran track and set records.   She returned to work as an instructional assistant in 2017 and has helped coach track for the last six years.  She is now co-head coaching in a still strong track and field program, despite some of the most challenging circumstances.  She has supported GV in much of her life as a student, instructional assistant, assistant and co-head coach, and soon to become an eligible teaching candidate.  GV thanks Megan for her commitment.

Photo of Seema Gupta


Seema Gupta Courage

Seema has worked as a school psychologist at Hart for 29 years. She has the courage to have run many triennial IEPs, initial IEPs, or manifestation determination IEPs over the years. She has the courage to work with endless numbers of families to ensure their children get the proper placement and specialized academic instruction necessary to be successful. But above all else, Seema has had the courage to hang in there at Hart for almost 30 years!


Photo of Susan Lundin


Susan Lundin Caring

Susan Lundin is a counselor plus. Susan works closely with our faculty, administration, and families to ensure our students are served academically, socially, and emotionally. Susan is the first one to say “I'll do that” if she believes it is good for the kids. She is a leader on our campus who oversees Bring Change to Mind and co-coordinates Teen Truth and MTSS. She came to us with expertise in suicide prevention, PBIS, and 504s. She is caring and kind. We are so fortunate to have Susan Lundin on our team.

Photo of Sonia Pishehvar


Sonia Pishehvar Caring

Sonia works with our employees to ensure safety and make things better, and she does it all with a smile and without complaint. Sonia oversees the employee accommodations process, bridge assignments, claims against the District, fitness for duty, hazardous materials, the Heat and Illness Prevention Plan, employee training opportunities, and the District’s Workers Compensation program.  Thank you, Sonia, for all that you do for us.


Photo of Karen Wiederhold


Karen Wiederhold Community

Karen Wiederhold is our registrar and she exemplifies community. She works hard to make sure that all our student records are up to date and she is always willing to do extra to ensure that our Saugus community is taken care of. 


Photo of Keith Rust



Keith Rust Creativity

Keith Rust has been awarded the One Hart Award for his creativity. Keith has creatively worked to bring an Advanced Graphic Design course to our school. In the process, Keith obtained a CTE credential which resulted in a new CTE pathway being offered at our school. Keith's creativity can also be seen in the daily lessons he delivers in his Art and Digital Art classes. 


Photo of Stephanie Cotcher


Stephanie Cotcher Community

Stephanie works with every campus in the district and is an amazing clinician. She and her therapy dog, Telly, are the first to arrive on a crisis scene and the last to leave. She is incredibly passionate and brings people in the community together during tough times.


Photo of Kelli Sandusky


Kelli Sandusky Community

Golden Valley is blessed to be part of an amazing community that has many people and organizations that support us in various ways. Josten’s has been a partner of the Hart District for 32 years and for all of Golden Valley’s 18 graduations. Kelli Sandusky, a very special person and stellar community member, has been running the show for Josten’s in SCV for 20 years on her own, after 12 years of being an associate. GV is so fortunate to have her also reside here in the SCV as she drives throughout the valley to make sure invites, caps and gowns are all ready for our senior graduates. She is also very extremely generous with her support.  We are so fortunate to have Kelli and Josten's as partners here at GV as well as with the entire Hart District.  

Photo of Brandon Gonsalves


Brandon Gonsalves Creativity

Brandon Gonsalves is our teacher librarian and is an incredible asset to our school and team. The rapport he has with our teachers is wonderful and he can often be seen in teaching partnerships out in classrooms bringing his creativity directly to students. His library is absolutely packed day-in and day-out, before school, at brunch, and lunch because he creates creative displays giving students opportunities for discovery and engagement. He has also partnered with one of our science teachers as the co-advisor to Robotics because he cares so much about providing rich opportunities to our River Hawks. We thank Brandon for his creativity and for caring so much about our River Hawk community!

Photo of Courtney Straka


Courtney Straka Community

Professional Development Program Specialist, Courney Straka, was recognized for the core value of community. In a very short time Courtney has built a collaborative Professional Learning Model.  She has produced an interactive Professional Development (PD) newsletter that has built community as well as supporting collaboration and teamwork.  She has also supported schools and individual staff members with any needed or desired training, the most popular of which is Artificial Intelligence PD in content areas.  Courtney also reaches the community outside the Hart School District through her continued work with the Medal of Honor Society where she connects educators and students with real life Medal of Honor heroes and reinforces the core values of character development and selfless service.  Courtney is also a great team player and fun to work with in Ed Services.  

Photo of Gina Painter


Gina Painter Community

Gina Painter is our Theater teacher and she exemplifies the core value of community. She works tirelessly to ensure that all students have a chance to be part of our community through theater arts. Students and staff alike love attending our plays and musicals because Ms. Painter does such an excellent job working with our talented students. 

Photo of Kristin Wilkins


Kristin Wilkins Caring

Kristin is an amazing counselor, serving our students academically, socially, and emotionally. She works closely with our wellness team and presents at parent forums and staff meetings. Kristin co-chairs our Teen Truth and plays a vital role in our school’s CTE program. She gets to know our students as individuals as she guides them through their middle school years. We are grateful to have Kristin at Rancho Pico serving our community.


Photo of Dawn Herbert


Dawn Herbert Courage

Dawn Herbert is one of Saugus High School's CTE Business teachers. She shows us everyday what it means to be courageous.  She has increased the enrollment in both the club she sponsors and her CTE Pathway. She teaches her students to be courageous advocates for learning.


Photo of Heather Bernabe

Heather Bernabe Caring

Heather's unwavering dedication to English Learners new to the country, coupled with her extraordinary level of care, is truly commendable. Ms. Bernabe consistently plans intentional lessons that connect and engage her students, fostering a sense of belonging. As a valuable member of the Professional Development and MTSS teams, she actively contributes to collaborative initiatives and shares her expertise.

Her exceptional level of care, combined with leadership, innovative teaching methods, commitment to student success, and groundbreaking curriculum development, makes Heather an exemplary candidate for this recognition. Additionally, Heather has single-handedly created the District's newcomer curriculum, running a model program that exemplifies innovation and excellence in supporting English learners.


Photo of Courtney Schmitz, Lisa McWilson, and Nadya Limon
Courtney Schmitz, Lisa McWilson, Nadya Limon

These three ladies go above and beyond for La Mesa. These parents volunteer every Tuesday and Thursday to support La Mesa's HOWL store where students can redeem their earned reward points for prizes. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the students of La Mesa!


Photo of Kerri Johnson
Kerri Johnson

Kerri Johnson is a GV Teacher who has demonstrated tremendous caring in her 11 years as a Grizzly.  She has supported our GV Athletic Department, ASB, Administration, PE Department, and the entire GV community.  She has coached, been an Athletic Director, and made spirit wear for so many of our teams and groups. She is one of the most positive and uplifting people to be around.  She has hosted many GV Staff Socials and is someone everyone enjoys working with. GV is honored to have Kerri Johnson as a Grizzly.


Photo of David Martinez

Deputy David Martinez

Deputy David Martinez works diligently to support our school, connect with students, and ensure our school safety.  The Bowman school community truly appreciates our School Resource Officer!  For this, Deputy Martinez was awarded the One Hart award for courage and community.

Photo of Baxter Frick

Baxter Frick

Baxter Frick received the One Hart award for the outstanding work he does creating a community of learning for his students and for our school.  He goes above and beyond regularly working with students in his history classes as well as coaching students in cross country, track and running club.  He does an excellent job creating community in everything he does. 

Photo of Lauren Sperber

Lauren Sperber

Lauren received the One Hart Award for continually creating a caring community in her classroom.  She works hard everyday to support her students and meet their needs to help them succeed.  She is regularly championing student needs to help give students the opportunity to be successful in their academic work.

Photo of Viviana Valenzuela
Viviana Valenzuela

Viviana is a treasure as our Wellness Coordinator. The “Break Room" is a welcoming, safe environment where she conducts various counseling groups, works with kids one and one, and is always available to support our counselors and Admin with social/emotional wellbeing strategies for students. In addition, Viviana always steps in to conduct student conflict mediations to ensure all students feel heard, loved, and supported as well as giving them strategies when conflicts arise.  Students absolutely love Vivanna for her caring, empathic nature!

Photo of Erika Garcia

Erika Garcia

Erika's community feel in her classroom is apparent right when you walk into her room! She holds the students to high expectations in a welcoming, safe, community atmosphere. In addition, she leads our School Culture and Climate Council in promoting student voice and continuing to build student culture. Also, she initiated a Wellness Walk on campus to support students’ social/emotional health.  Erika promotes student leaders, voice, and action within a positive community environment.

Photo of Brenda Mumford
Brenda Mumford

Brenda Mumford is an original Mustang who opened Rancho Pico and has been dedicated to the success of the students and the English department ever since. Brenda is the English Department Chair and remains excited about her Team Odyssey and the English curriculum as if it were her first year teaching. She is currently piloting a new textbook with online resources, and it is inspiring to hear about her passion for teaching, learning, and middle school education.

Photo of Crystal Cooper

Crystal Cooper

Our esteemed school registrar, Crystal Cooper, has been honored with the One Hart Award for caring. In her role, she goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our school community. Crystal not only introduces new students to the office staff and assistant principals, but she also takes the time to meet with a parent daily to deliver a particular meal for a student with special needs. Her dedication to meeting the unique needs of our students reflects her exceptional care and commitment to our school.

Photo of Gerardo Henrincx

Gerardo Herincx Community

Gerardo is an integral part of our Canyon High School family. He not only ensures the students in his Spanish class are engaged in meaningful lessons, but he also makes sure they know he cares about each and everyone of them. As Canyon's ASB director, he works countless hours to create an inclusive, interactive environment for our students and staff. He brings the fun, but more importantly he provides us with opportunities through activities and events to learn about our diverse populatIon. We are so grateful for Gerardo Hercinx and his tireless efforts and CAN DO attitude. 

Photo of Kelly Wanjon


Kelly Wanjon Community

Kelly Wanjon is the Attendance Tech at Arroyo Seco. She was previously a campus supervisor and wears many hats in her role. She is the first person that people see when they arrive on campus. She always greets our community members professionally and with a smile and makes them feel at home. In addition to attendance, she works with teachers, students who need assistance, and parents who are dropping off items or picking up students. For all of these reasons, Kelly is receiving a One Hart Award for everything she does for our community.   

Photo of Doug Stuart


Doug Stuart Creativity

Doug Stuart, English teacher at Arroyo Seco, has been working with students for more than a decade in recruiting, coaching, and selecting individuals to represent Arroyo Seco in the annual Santa Clarita Valley Business Group Speech Contest. These students compete against 8th graders from all of the district's junior highs. Thanks to Mr. Stuart's dedication and expertise, Arroyo Seco always does well in the competition and one of our students took first place overall this year!  For all of these efforts, Mr. Stuart is being recognized with a One Hart Award for Creativity.

 Photo of Jevin Smith and family

Jevin Smith Creativity

Golden Valley parent Jevin Smith is well-known to the GV community for his performances at school pick-up. Periodically, Mr. Smith dresses as a famous performer and dances to popular songs when picking up his kids from school, to the enjoyment of all! Many of his videos have gone viral and he was featured on the Today Show. Thank you for sharing your creativity and making coming to school fun!

Photo of Nina Zamora with students and staff from Bowman


Nina Zamora Caring

Nina Zamora’s leadership sets the tone for the welcoming, positive culture and climate at Bowman. Her caring heart, passion, and dedication to the Bowman community are clearly evident. She makes sure that everyone who walks through the doors at Bowman knows that they matter. 

Photo of Craig Williams


Craig Williams Creativity

Craig is a social studies teacher and athletic director at Hart.  During a recent class visit, I found Craig dressed up as a judge, holding a mock trial for Napoleon during his AP World History class! Students argued from both sides of the trial and Mr. Williams presided over the arguments as judge - he even sustained an objection! Also, overseeing the winter sport of soccer, Craig has had to be very creative in the scheduling of officials as the ref association is currently on strike against CIF. Craig is creative in many ways, but we are lucky to have him at Hart. Always a nominee for teacher of the year, Craig Williams gets this One Hart award for creativity!

Photo of Maysen Bagge


Maysen Bagge Creativity

Maysen Bagge exudes creativity with our students, staff and school. She elicits, organizes and directs staff to participate in our school rallies which is overwhelmingly a student body fan favorite.  In addition, her creative input into our school rallies has proved successful among students and staff. She continues to go above and beyond with our cheer program in supporting activities for our cheerleading community with Friends Cheergiving, Secret Santa, Car Show,  and with supporting our school athletes with creative cheer routines.

Photo of Mia Blanco


Mia Blanco Community

Mia is not only an amazing student and actively involved in ASB, but she also works at West Ranch HS, through the athletic training department and sports medicine. She is also involved with the District Student Communication Council. Mia embodies the Bowman Bulldog spirit.

Photo of Bella Salas



Bella Salas Caring

Bella takes incredible care of our students through her role in food services. She knows each student by name and greets them everyday with kindness and care. We all appreciate Bella!


Photo of Kristy SpectorKristy Spector Creativity

Kristy Spector is a teacher leader at Rancho Pico who goes above and beyond for our students. She is our science department chair and is piloting our social emotional learning class. Kristy collaborates with our wellness coordinator to create an engaging curriculum for our students to learn the components of wellness and social emotional health. For the culminating project in the course, Kristy arranged for her students to write and illustrate anti-bullying books to read to elementary school students at Oak Hills. In addition, Kristy runs our DFY program and advises our Black Student Alliance. Kristy is willing to offer creative programs to serve our diverse student population through intellectual and social emotional exploration.

Photo of Kathleen Lindgreen

Kathleen Lindgreen Community

Kathleen Lindgreen is our extraordinary registrar on the frontlines at Rancho Pico. She is the first one to welcome our families into our school community. Kathleen is knowledgeable regarding the detailed documentation necessary for school enrollment. She is exceptionally kind, patient, and empathic to our families coming from out of the country and out of our area. She gives them all the time they need to ensure their transition to Rancho Pico is smooth and welcoming. Kathleen collaborates with all of the Rancho Pico stakeholders in a caring way. Kathleen will be retiring in January, and we look forward to her visits and substituting at our school in the future.

Photo of Dana Bobek


Dana Bobek Community

Dana Bobek is one of the original Grizzlies. She has helped shape and mold GV and establish our GV culture. To open a school and begin a culinary art pathway from scratch was a tall task, but she did an amazing job for almost 20 years at GV. Her 25 years in our district only validates how she believes in the SCV she lives in and our GV Community. She created opportunities for students and staff to create and enjoy her talents. There was seldom an empty seat in her classes. For 25 years Dana has created a place where everyone wants to be - a community. Congratulations on your retirement. 

Photo of Anne Konrad


Anne Konrad Caring

Anne cares so much about West Ranch, her students, athletes, and staff. She works so hard to support our coaches and athletes. Anne also works as the Foothill League secretary to support all high schools in our district. Anne manages her time well to prioritize her responsibilities to effectively complete everything she oversees. We appreciate Coach Konrad and her caring qualities!


Photo of Deputy Swigart


Deputy Swigart Caring

Deputy Swigart exemplifies caring within our Castaic community. He connects with our students as a positive presence on our campus and  also creates a safe community feel with our students and staff. Deputy Swigart  takes time to get to know our students and help to support positive behavioral growth.


Photo of David Ramirez


David Ramirez Caring

David Ramirez illustrates such care in maintaining our grounds at Castaic as one of the exemplary members of our custodial staff. He takes pride and ownership in keeping our facility looking clean, well manicured and maintained.  David always takes time to make things look very special for our students/staff and always offers a helpful hand when needed.



Photo of Renee Marshall

Renee Marshall Community

Renee Marshall is one of our truly amazing parents at Castaic HS.  She puts her heart and soul into creating such a community for our staff and students. Renee has helped our school earn numerous grants for our music and theatre programs. She goes above and beyond to support both programs by leading bake sales for the plays, pumpkin carving for the theatre students, and holiday parties for the music students!  She completely exemplifies the word community in creating a complete community atmosphere for our students and staff. She has led, organized, and facilitated staff  recognition breakfasts and holiday breakfasts where every staff member receives a gift card/certificate as a special gift. You will always see Renee at all theatre plays supporting refreshment sales and intermission giveaways!

Photo of Nina Withers


Nina Withers Community

Ms. Withers has been the Parent Advisory Council President at Arroyo Seco for the past two years.  In this role, she has demonstrated her huge heart for students and staff members.  Among other meaningful endeavors, she has overseen efforts by PAC to support students in need, assist with staff recognition, and provide scholarships for outstanding students. Her positive energy and willingness to help are incredible assets to the Arroyo Seco community.     


Photo of Heather NoltemeyerHeather Noltemeyer Caring

Heather is one of our Instructional Assistants in our Living Skills program for students with more severe needs. Heather is the epitome of what it means to care for others at all times, but especially when they struggle most. She cares deeply for the students she works with and the staff that are her family as well. Everyone who works with her will tell you Heather is a person that can ALWAYS be relied on! Heather is also a great example of courage, because she gives of herself to others all day at work AND she is back in school getting her degree and special education teaching credential. Congratulations to Heather! 

Photo of Xochi Baca
Xochi Baca Creativity
Xochi Baca is being recognized for Creativity.  Being the Title I Coordinator for both Hart and Placerita, she works tirelessly to make the School Plan for Student Achievement work.  She works with a budget, under federal monitoring, and with two different school site councils.  She had to be creative when we were given additional Title I funds that needed to be spent at the last minute.  She is extremely organized and has our budgets, program evaluations, and minutes all available and ready to go when needed.  She creates and exceeds all expectations. Congratulations Xochi!
Photo of Juan Lopez and Chris Taylor
Juan Lopez and Chris Taylor Community
Juan Lopez and Chris Taylor, campus supervisors at West Ranch,  are being awarded the One Hart award for the core values of community and caring. Juan and Chris both work very hard to keep our campus safe. They collaborate well, care for the safety of students and staff, and do a great job ensuring that all campus areas are covered. In addition, they both are very active in our community, working many of our school extracurricular activities. They both get along well with students, staff, parents, and community members.
Photo of Amanda Hubbell
Amanda Hubbell Courage
Amanda Hubbell has demonstrated tremendous courage to help her department get through a challenging time.  Amanda has been acting as chair and supporting the Fall Festival for the department's three musical programs while assisting at competitions and performances.  While chairs are responsible for the new state grant, it’s a first year activity with many new aspects to resolve.  Her relentless dedication to the department, department members, and GV is amazing.
Photo of Yvette Loredo Del Toro
Yvette Loredo Del Toro Caring
Yvette Loredo Del Toro is receiving the One Hart Award for caring.  Yvette goes above and beyond for the students of La Mesa!  As the school's social worker, she genuinely cares for the students and families that have been placed in her care and it shows as families are receiving support for school and home as she spends time building connections with our community!
Photo of Mark Crawford
Mark Crawford Courage
Mark Crawford is being recognized for both courage and caring.  Day in and day out, in his role of accepting and resolving complaints, he works with folks who are often angry and upset.  He makes sure that they feel listened to and recognize that he is working with them to understand and resolve their issues.
Photo of Alicia Ruiz
Alicia Ruiz Courage
As defined in our Strategic Plan, the core value of courage is represented by someone who perseveres through challenges and models integrity, and Alicia absolutely embodies this core value. She has worked for the District for over 25 years in many different positions before coming to Technology, where she is responsible for just about all aspects of Infinite Campus as well as the reporting of our student data to the State through CALPADS. She has seen the demands for data from the State increase exponentially, with demands for more data, ever shorter deadlines, more complex data verifications and processes, and changes to Infinite Campus and CALPADS which has made her work more and more challenging. She always has the answers to the most complex questions about what can and cannot be done, while keeping us compliant with State requirements. Most of what she does goes unseen, but it is absolutely critical to supporting just about everything that happens at the school sites and in the classrooms. And the way she has tirelessly worked through both personal and professional challenges with grace and unwavering dedication, makes her more than deserving of a One Hart Award.  
Photo of Will Barnwell
Will Barnwell Caring
Dr. Will Barnwell is a positive force at Saugus High School and exemplifies the core value of caring. He cares about his students and daily works tirelessly to support them and make sure they have many opportunities to learn. Students know that Dr. Barnwell cares about them and they thrive in his classes. 

Photo of Sue SolomonSue Solomon Community

Sue's contributions to the educational community, both local and statewide, are many. She is a member of the the Newhall School District Board of Trustees and has served on the California State PTA Board, as President of Council and District PTAs, President of the Los Angeles County and SCV Trustees Associations, on Citizens’ Oversight Committees and the State Teacher Credentialing Sub-Committee. Sue always keeps student welfare and education at the forefront. 

Photo of Omar Sanchez


Omar Sanchez Community

Omar is our amazing night lead custodian. He does an amazing job keeping Canyon High School up and running with a positive and sincere mindset. Whenever you get a chance to interact with Omar, it is always a good thing. He is kind, helpful, generous, and will get the job done no matter what the last-minute situation may be. Thank you, Omar. Congratulations on a job well done. We are so grateful to have you here at CHS. 



Photo of Cristina MurilloeCristina Murillo Community

Cristina Murillo regularly goes above and beyond for the students and families in our community. Cristina works tirelessly to assist our homeless population, families struggling to obtain everyday needs, and/or students simply struggling to get to school. As a social worker, her job is based in community and she has brought the community in and made Hart a better place because of it.  She sees well over hundreds of families throughout the year and truly is deserving of this One Hart Award.


Photo of Vilo Del Rio


Vilo Del Rio Caring

English teacher Vilo Del Rio exemplifies the characteristic of caring. He took time away from teaching his class to address a student issue outside of his classroom. He handled this teachable moment with grace and style so that the student involved couldn't help but grow in a positive way from this interaction. We appreciate Vilo's effort to ensure we have a positive culture and climate at Saugus High School. 


Photo of Robbie Haring


Robbie Haring Community

12th grade Centurion, Robbie Haring, clearly exemplifies the value of community! He worked diligently to get funding and volunteers to help him carry out his Eagle Scout project of restoring the Saugus S. He went the extra mile for the Centurion community by ensuring that not only does the S look beautiful, but it also lights up. With Robbie's help, the Saugus S can continue to be a bright symbol of our community's spirit and strength.


Photo of Sue Dielentheis, Jesse Marshall, Libby CarsonSue Dielentheis, Jesse Marshall, Libby Carson Caring

As a team, Sue Dielentheis, Jesse Marshall, and Libby Carson go above and beyond for our students.  They are academic counselors and yet they do so much more than that. They help support the various social and emotional needs of our students. They are integral members of our school community, working closely with students, parents, families, teachers and staff members. They each received a One Hart Award for Caring.  


Photo of Josh Underwood and Dan Davis


Josh Underwood Caring

Josh Underwood is an incredible teacher. He provides his students with an opportunity to acquire technological skills to thrive and succeed in a post secondary world. He is currently our instructional coach and our 2023-24 Teacher of the Year. Josh is an integral part of Canyon's data driven instructional focus and we are honored to have him here at CHS.

Dan Davis Caring

Dan may be one of the most positive, respectful, and kind humans I have ever met. He takes those qualities and embeds them in everything he does, whether it is working with his students or supporting our staff members through his role as our Professional Development lead. Dan is an amazing teacher and his record for increasing our AP Physics enrollment and our AP pass rate speaks volumes about his passion and dedication to the students of Canyon High School. 


Photo of Nokia Richards and Niamani KnightNokia Richards Creativity

Nokia is the co-founder and president of S.T.R.E.A.M. Global Innovations. Nokia is dedicated to creating platforms for individuals who might not otherwise have opportunities. She also launched the S.T.R.E.A.M. Parent Cafe to build parent engagement and involvement to facilitate conversations between parents and industry leaders about future careers for their children . She has helped to make vital information and resources available to hundreds of families from diverse backgrounds. 

Niamani Knight Creativity

2019 Saugus High School graduate Niamani Knight is the co-founder of S.T.R.E.A.M. Global Innovations. She also founded S.T.R.E.A.M. Kids Expo, helping to connect the dots between education and careers for underestimated students. As a high school student, Niamani was involved in bringing Manufacturing Day to the Hart District. Her impact extends beyond the local community to national and international projects. Through the S.T.R.E.A.M. platform, she has helped enable over 36,000 people to connect with industry experts. Niamani is empowering the next generation of change makers. 


Photo of Casey CunyCasey Cuny Community

Valencia High School Teacher Casey Cuny, California State Teacher of the Year, was recognized for his passion, energy, poise, consistency, and steadfastness in the face of challenges. We are thankful that you are part of the Hart District community! 


Photo of Vicki Goodwin



Vicki Goodwin Courage

Canyon High School AP Teacher Vicki Goodwin is a courageous and caring teacher. She combines high expectations for all students with caring and support, which produces excellence and success. Thank you Vicki for helping your students grow and succeed!


Photo of Erin McHorneyErin McHorney Caring

Erin is a caring math teacher, teacher leader, math department chair, and mother. She is an original Mustang who opened the school 19 years ago, helping to develop the middle school culture and core values that Rancho Pico still stands by. Erin believes at her core that all students can learn at high levels. She is inclusive and kind. She asked to co-teach this year, and our special education students thrive in her classroom. Erin helps students close gaps in math through her math support class and by working with WR mentors after school in Target Tutors. She also serves students who excel in math by giving them extra opportunities to achieve by taking advanced classes when necessary, coaching our Math Counts Team, and offering the AMC8 test. Erin cares for all students!

Photo of Daniel Tokeshi



Daniel Tokeshi Courage

Daniel Tokeshi, a long-term AP Secretary substitute, exhibits courage in facing the challenges of the position and learning new systems. He has stepped into the role and immediately made an impact on the operations of the school, treating others with professionalism and care each and every day.


Photo of Aaron Fuller


Aaron Fuller Courage

Aaron Fuller is our PE teacher at Bowman. Every quarter Aaron sets up Field Day, a time where both staff and students play sports, play games or even draw with chalk on the sidewalk. What is unique about field day is that it brings the entire school together. It is one of those special times at Bowman where students feel connected to teachers, staff and our school. We often speak about "Bowmanizing" students. This is a time where students become part of  our wonderful school.

Photo of Angel Perez


Angel Perez Community

Angel Perez Ruiz is a senior at Bowman. Angel is a wonderful student who always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Angel is liked by all. What makes Angel a proper recipient for the One Hart Award is that he helps our larger Hart community as a whole. Angel loves photography, and over the past year he has been a sports photographer for his former school, Golden Valley. He often comes to Bowman speaking of the games he got to photograph on Friday night. Recently he became part of the West Ranch Boys Basketball team as their team photographer. Angel shows dedication to his passion by helping other schools. Angel truly makes our Hart community stronger.  


Photo of Jase S. PeterJase St. Peter Caring
Jase is incredibly dedicated to students exploring science. He goes well beyond what any stipend could ever cover and is constantly present for our kids, helping them show the strength of Rio Science in our community. He puts countless hours into Robotics and Science Olympiad  after school, three and often four days a week, and spends time trying to find sponsors and funding so that we can send multiple teams as these clubs are growing. Jase cares so much about what these kids want to do and looks for opportunities for them to get additional experiences beyond competitions so they can explore career fields in science as well. We thank Jase for Caring so much about our Rio Student Community!
Photo of Jessica Haayer


Jessica Haayer Courage
Jessica has faced great adversity over the last year and through it all she has handled a difficult journey with grace, perseverance and immense COURAGE. 

Photo of Scott Wilk


Scott Wilk Caring
California State Senator Scott Wilk is a strong advocate for students. As a member of the State Education Committee, he is always willing to listen and advocate for students and for the Hart District. 



Photo of Kaden Sasaki, Ethan Park, Arav Shah

Kaden Sasaki, Ethan Park, Arav Shah Community
Ethan Park, Arav Shah, and Kaden Sasaki have all been awarded the One Hart Award for Community. Ethan, Arav, and Kaden all organized and volunteered to host Game. Set. Hope - a charity tennis match. Ethan led his teammates in organizing the tournament at the WRHS tennis courts to raise awareness for mental health and teen suicide prevention. We had an overwhelming response from the community and had an outpouring of support to make it a very successful event. Overall, they were able to raise $5,940, $500 of which they have chosen to donate to the West Ranch Wellness Center. We are very proud of Ethan, Arav, and Kaden and their commitment and representation of the Hart District's core value of Community. 


Photo of Christina Noriega

Christina Noriega Caring

Christina Noriega is a counselor at Hart who goes above and beyond. She doesn’t have a standard grade level caseload as every other academic counselor does at Hart. She takes on our special populations, EL and Reach, and oversees the advanced placement program. Christina helps immensely with the master schedule and cares deeply for her students, often advocating to the nth degree for them. We are giving this coin to Christina as she embodies creativity, courage, community, but above all is caring.
Photo of Jason Gibbs


Jason Gibbs Community
Santa Clarita Mayor Jason Gibbs is involved in and actively supports many community organizations in the Santa Clarita Valley. He frequently asks, “What can the City do to support our students.”



Photo of Jameson Roberts


Jameson Roberts Caring
Jameson is playing an integral role in the development of Canyon's Honor Wall. She was recently acknowledged as a Commended Student by the National Merit Scholarship and carries a weighted GPA of 4.8. She is an amazing student who cares deeply about all students at CHS. 



Photo of Jill Osovsky


Jill Osovsky Courage
In the face of personal adversity, Jill showed immense courage and persevered for the betterment of her students. Jill's care and commitment to her classroom, the high bar she continued to set through her lesson plans and her dedication to ensuring her students still continued to learn, whether she was present or not, took strength and courage in a time that was not easy to overcome. For Courage, we honor Jill Osovsky!


Photo of Matt Hinze


Matt Hinze Community
Matt is always willing to help anyone, regardless of the project.  He facilitated our staff health fair, provides technical support when asked, organizes our blood drives, ran summer school, creates video content upon request, designed all of the new Care Text system and materials, and provides data for many different departments.  He always says "yes" without hesitation regardless of the task.



Photo of Angelica Mendez


Angelica Mendez Caring
Angelica works extremely hard on behalf of our students and staff in the District. Whether it's working with multiple departments to ensure that some of our most fragile special needs students have a Special Circumstance Instructional Assistant when they show up to school, or if it's making sure each staff member knows what online training is required, Angelica makes sure the job gets done . . . with a smile.


Photo of Don Zerilli and Team


Don Zerilli and Team, Synthetic Turf Services of AZ Courage
When the Synthetic Turf Services team arrived at Valencia HS to install a new field, they focused on their goal to get VHS's field operational as soon as possible. They worked long days, nights, and weekends to compress a four week project into three weeks. They were faced with a community and school that were anxious to see a delayed project completed and responded with grace and determination to do the right thing for Hart District students.


Photo of Javier Pena


Javier Pena Caring
Javier is a true example of an administrator that puts the needs of others above his own. He is compassionate, caring, diligent, and self sacrificing in how he addresses students and staff. He is receiving this One Hart Award for Caring and La Mesa is lucky to have him!


Photo of Carolyn McMahon


Carolyn McMahon Caring
Carolyn has a passion for serving our students. She goes above and beyond to assure that students have access to the services they need. Her caring and dedicated nature has had a positive impact on thousands of students each year. 




Photo of Tim Hopper and Eunice Hong

Tim Hopper Community
Tim Hopper connects and builds authentic relationships with students, families, and staff. He is committed to engaging with the school's community and involving all stakeholders, increasing family participation, and building relationships. Tim is passionate about creating a more equitable school culture where all students feel valued and seen. He guides and mentors young adolescents as they learn to navigate through their middle school years and partners with parents throughout the process. Tim takes school safety very seriously. He tells everyone, "I want you to feel safe, and I want you to be happy!” Tim Hopper is a community builder at Rancho Pico!

Eunice Hong Courage
Eunice Hong is an incredible leader who perseveres through challenging situations, showing resilience, determination, and perseverance. Eunice is respected as an instructional leader and works closely with our EL, special education, professional development, and English teams. She is fair, calm, friendly, and consistent with staff, students, and families. Her unwavering dedication, strong work ethic, and commitment to Rancho Pico’s mission and core values make Eunice a  role model for students and colleagues. She always leads by example and inspires others to excel.


Photo of Alex Suarez, Cesar Noboa, Alex Dunwoody and Lara Forgrave


Alex Suarez, Cesar Noboa, Alex Dunwoody, Sara Soltani and Lara Forgrave Community
La Mesa's PE Department goes above and beyond for the students! They volunteer their time at lunch, before and after school and are dedicated to the young people of our campus. They strive to connect with the students through lunch time activities and through Runner's Club after school to create a safe, interactive place for our students to feel comfortable and appreciated for being themselves. La Mesa would not be the place it is without the support from the PE Department.

Photo of Erica Galicia

Erica Galicia Caring

Erica is the backbone and the glue of the Ed Services division.  She possesses all of the characteristics of the One Hart Core Values: she shows great Courage through her integrity and professionalism and always doing the right thing; she shows Community by collaborating well with everyone and appreciating others; she is very Creative and has great problem-solving skills and ingenuity; but she is recognized for Caring because all she does is due to her deep care for our students and her colleagues.  For these reasons, and many more, Erica Galicia is recognized as the most relied upon person in the Educational Services Division with the One Hart Award for Caring.
Photo of Johnathan Barnes
Johnathan Barnes Community

Johnathan is someone who exemplifies the value of community as he goes above and beyond his roles and responsibilities as a maintenance custodian. John is always seen at athletic events and dances to support our students. He is 100% invested in our school, our students, our staff and our programs. John defines our Coyote community as one who inspires, supports and dedicates his time to our students, families and staff! 

Photo of Desmond Carter
Desmond Carter Community
Desmond is an integral part of our Bowman community as co-lead campus supervisor. He connects with all students and staff and is an essential component in Bowman's motto of YOU MATTER! Desmond is also a phenomenal basketball coach at West Ranch.
Photo of Kathleen Carter

Kathleen Watson Caring
Kathleen is at the core of Bowman's values. She encourages students to persevere with writing and public speaking and is incredibly kind to everyone. She is not only an incredible teacher, but she is also a caring and compassionate person.




Photo of Laurel PrieszLaurel Priesz Community
A One Hart Award was presented in recognition of our WASC site coordinator, Laurel Priesz, who has done a fabulous job preparing the Viking campus for the upcoming accreditation visit. Laurel is professional, friendly, focused, and dedicated to the VHS campus. We are so incredibly lucky to have her serving our community.


Photo of Tiffany Night



Tiffany Night Community
As a District LVN, Tiffany goes the extra mile to support the health of all of our students. She has been instrumental in her work with student vaccination compliance, the community health fair, AED training, and supporting the various school sites.



Photo of Lisa Holt

Lisa Holt Caring
Spring and summer are very busy times in the HR department with all kinds of things going on with retirements, resignations, staffing allocations, recruitment, and hiring. Lisa is instrumental in all of these areas.  When I have a question or when there’s a question at the site, the person who takes our phone calls and provides the background, context, and answer is Lisa Holt. She exhibits the highest level of customer service to all of our certificated employees.


Photo of Dave LeBarron


Dave LeBarron Courage
Dave is a great team member and has a strong sense of community.  He is also a very caring individual and an ethical leader.  He is tasked with many difficult assignments and important responsibilities including oversight of the textbook and library book selection process, curriculum guides, and local and state assessments. In these and all areas of responsibility, Dave always asks the question of what is best for students?  Through his leadership, even in difficult situations, he is always professional and open, listening to all viewpoints. He is also always well prepared and a great team player. For these reasons, Dave LeBarron is recognized with the One Hart Award for his courageous Leadership.

Photo of Brittany Kruczynski



Brittany Kruczynski Courage
Brittany is committed to continuous evaluation and improvement of District systems and practices. She actively seeks alternatives and solutions to challenging issues. She leads her team towards excellence daily.



Photo of Lucas Thirkettle


Lucas Thirkettle Courage
Lucas showed incredible courage by sharing his story and struggles he faces on a comprehensive high school campus. He has now laid the foundations for additional meaningful messages to be shared during Canyon’s morning news announcements. Thank you, Lucas.


Photo of Deborah Rocha


Deborah Rocha Community
Deborah Rocha is the founder of the non-profit organization SRD Straightening Reins and represents community through her passion and work with the Hart Horses program. Deborah teaches our students vital emotional health skills through horses and herd animals. Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise every time she visits our campus, and most importantly provides a welcoming, inclusive, warm environment for our students. Her ability to connect with the students is outstanding and we are beyond grateful. Rancho Pico appreciates your time and the work that you do, thank you, Deborah!

Photo of Kathy Hefferon


Kathy Hefferon Caring
Kathy Hefferon was recognized for her 40 years of service to the Hart District. She has supported all members of our Canyon community and we are thrilled to have her here as an integral part of our Canyon family.


Photo of Heather Ippolito

Heather Ippolito Community
Heather has been instrumental in organizing our School Site Council bylaws and ensuring we follow all required laws and procedures. She has served as our site council president the past two years. Additionally Heather attends our District’s Parent Communications Council and shares important information with Canyon stakeholders. She is a valuable member of the CADA community and has recently been elected as President of the Gold Star Brigade, Canyon’s Band booster. Heather is an advocate for students, families, and of course teachers. Our band director said it best: She sees us for the humans we are and takes care of us, empathizes with us, and makes us feel heard.

Photo of Chitra Salloom

Chitra Salloom Caring
Chitra Salloom has been a valuable employee in food service for 26 years for the Hart District. She runs a very efficient kitchen, leading all sites in productivity. Hart HS serves the most breakfasts in the District and the second most overall meals. We are giving her this award for Caring as she really enjoys serving the students at Hart and looks at the kids as her own. She particularly gets excited at catering events like the senior breakfast, where she almost always is the one leading. We've personally witnessed Chitra going the extra mile to provide students (usually special ed) something off the menu for one reason or another. In short Chitra is one of those managers who come to work every single day, rarely missing a day and if she does, she has everything laid out for her sub; who you rarely hear from, and if we do it's important that they call or email; who just handles issues as they arise; one who their staff and students love; and one you hardly ever hear any kind of complaint about. We don't tell Chitra enough how much we appreciate her.

Photo of Danielle Werts

Danielle Werts Caring
Danielle just retired from Golden Valley and was an amazing AP Environmental Science Teacher who actually started the program here. Her contributions as a teacher are commendable. However, the reason for this award is because Danielle partnered with an anonymous group that supports GV by providing tens of thousands of dollars in resources and finances for families who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays. The generosity of this group is amazing and the only thing the group requested was anonymity. We are so honored to have this group partner with GV that Mrs. Danielle Werts helped orchestrate.

Photo of Patrick Geary

Patrick Geary Community
Patrick Geary was hired at Golden Valley in 2007. His impact on campus was immediately felt. He is one of the fiercest student advocates the profession will ever find. He has tremendous work ethic and fortitude. Golden Valley has not had one complaint from a parent regarding Mr. Geary. His students truly trust, respect and admire him. He is also the newly discovered liaison to our secret group that just finished its 12th year providing holiday celebrations for many underprivileged families during the holiday season. We celebrate Patrick, as he has also announced his retirement.

Photo of Brady Novean


Brady Novean Courage
Brady Novean is Golden Valley’s one student receiving a One Hart Award this year. While there are many amazing students here at GV, Brady has a very rare disease requiring many surgeries. He's already had 26 and some have been major, requiring weeks of recovery. Despite this, Brady does not take credit for being brave. In an award winning essay he wrote, Brady says the people helping him, not only medically, but personally, are the ones that are heroes. He recognizes nurses for choosing this brave profession to help others. We are recognizing Brady for courage.

Photo of Shannon Lee


Shannon Lee Creativity
Shannon Lee is an incredible AP Studio Art student who designed and painted a mural for the Welcome Center at West Ranch High School. Shannon was awarded the One Hart award for her creativity in designing the mural. Shannon then went above and beyond and worked with her classmates to paint the mural on the first wall that all visitors to our campus will see for years to come.

Photo of Robert Garcia


Robert Garcia Community
Robert Garcia received the award for community and caring. He has jumped into the role of Bowman's custodian and groundskeeper so seamlessly.  He takes great care of our school and is always willing to help. We truly appreciate him!

Photo of April Soria


April Soria Community
April Soria received the award for community and caring. April's natural ability to connect with students both in and outside of the classroom is unparalleled. She is an amazing ASB director and social studies teacher. April is an essential component in building and maintaining Bowman's school community.

Photo of Ron Smith


Ron Smith Creativity
Ron Smith received the One Hart award for creativity. His creativity helps him connect with students and engage them in computer science, video production, and digital photo.  Ron’s kindness is extended to all students on campus.

Photo of Emily Wilmers


Emily Wilmers Community
Emily creates a very welcoming community with students, parents and staff. She makes great connections with the students in all activities and events.

Photo of Rob Lewis


Rob Lewis Community
Rob Lewis exemplifies positive hands-on community involvement and support for our students, teachers and school. He is an exemplary parent/community leader who gives much time and support to our programs, specifically our band, color guard and music programs. Rob is always here with whatever we need as well as offers suggestions and innovative ideas. We are forever grateful to Rob and look forward to continuing to work with him as a community partner for years to come!

Photo of Joe Willard


Joe Willard Community
Joe has been a fixture of our District for over 30 years. Joe represents the ultimate sense of community at Placerita. He keeps our community safe and is most diligent at maintaining safety throughout the campus. He also has the best collection of Converse and wears a different pair everyday.

Photo of Monica Ludlow


Monica Ludlow Caring
Monica represents the character trait of caring in our school community. As the Teacher Librarian at Placerita she is always looking out for the needs of students and staff and is always going out of her way to help others with whatever need they have.

Photo of Jessica Velazquez


Jessica Velazquez Creativity
Jessica represents the character trait of creativity at Placerita. Not only is she a fantastic science teacher but she is always helping others with her designs and creative ways of crafting and thinking about how to make something better. She not only does this for the students on her team but faculty and staff are helped with her creative productions as well.   

Photo of Rebekah West


Rebekah West Creativity
Arroyo Seco is recognizing Rebekah West for creativity. Rebekah teaches drama and choir and led the students in an outstanding choir performance this May as well as musical theater performances of the Little Mermaid. Ms. West includes many students in her performances, which are enjoyed by large numbers of community members. Her hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence are notable and commendable. Thank you Ms. West!

Photo of Lesley Day

Lesley Day Caring
Lesley Day is being recognized by Arroyo Seco for caring. For the past several years, Lesley has taught junior high seminar to students at Arroyo Seco. She has continually adjusted the curriculum to meet the needs of our students. Topics covered include fostering academic success, setting and reaching life goals, self-esteem, communication, citizenship and personal responsibility. Roughly 75% of all Seco students take this class. Ms. Day's efforts in teaching this class have had a positive impact on campus in helping to develop caring citizens. Thank you Ms. Day!

Photo of Tom Beam


Tom Beam Community
Tom exhibits the core value of community. He opens our gates everyday and welcomes students. He keeps our Saugus community safe by building positive relationships with students and staff.

Photo of Kelli Sandusky


Kelli Sandusky Community
Kelli Sandusky is our Josten’s representative. She represents community and this year Kelli has gone above and beyond to support Saugus. We had a lot of last minute requests and special needs for this year’s graduation and Kelli went out of her way countless times to ensure our students and staff had everything they needed to make graduation special. Her actions represent and exemplify community.

Photo of Sabina Kosek


Sabina Kosek Creativity
Sabina Kosek is our library tech. She goes above and beyond daily. She exemplifies caring as she lovingly and caringly put together shadow boxes for our honorary graduates. Both staff and family appreciated her workmanship and the caring attitude it showed.

Photo of Rio Norte Staff Members
Dr. Jennifer Betty, Christine Racina, Dr. Suzan Tessier, Deputy Mike Perry, and Thomas Flores Courage
This incredible team displayed amazing courage while working on a challenging case this year. They did so with honor and integrity, with the best interest of our Rio River Hawks in mind and with concern and care for a student and family in need of their assistance. We are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful team putting their heart and soul into what is best for students.

Photo of Rio Norte Students
Christian Soltanian, Diya Boini, and Caleb Jeon Community
These three students are amazing academically, but what sets them apart is the way they give to, and represent, the River Hawk Community! They are true role models for their fellow students. All three are actively involved in our campus and our valley. Christian was part of Science Olympiad, our Council for School Culture, and our Robotics Club and talks to his fellow classmates about overcoming challenges and finding their passion in life. Christian is actively involved in COC's Astronomy and Physics Club and is afforded opportunities that he speaks openly about telling students how much more school will mean to them when they find their "why". Diya Boini has also been a part of Science Olympiad, Valencia MSAs JUMP program, our Council for School Culture and represents us on the Student Communications Council. Diya is articulate, thoughtful, full of great ideas and was a wonderful representative during our Board report, speaking directly to our Board Members. Caleb Jeon was our ASB President and also represented us on the Student Communications Council and in the JUMP program. Caleb represented Rio Norte at regular PTSA E-board and Association meetings and won the District 8th grade Speech Competition sponsored by the Santa Clarita Valley Business Group where he presented to their members. Caleb also won the Rio Spelling Bee for the 2nd year and finished 3rd in the State finals representing us well in all that he does! All three of these students have done so much beyond what is listed here and have incredibly bright futures ahead!

Photo of Asha Kakonde

Asha Kakonde Caring
Asha goes above and beyond for her students and our Special Education department. She works with our students with greater challenges and loves what she does every day. She is an incredible role model for her staff and the general education peer tutors she brings into her classroom to work with her students. She has high standards for everyone, including herself, and approaches everyone with kindness. She organized the Hart Games for our campus and puts together promotion for the students exiting our FA and LS programs. She is intentional in the opportunities she provides for her students and their families and is always inclusive of her gen ed peer tutors and our staff. Asha cares so deeply that she has even folded her entire family into our campus community where her father and sister regularly sub for her and her fellow colleagues. 

Photo of Kim Grandbois

Kim Grandbois Community
Kim helped open Rio Norte 20 years ago and is the epitome of what our Rio Norte community values. She works hard and cares deeply about student success and EVERYTHING Rio! Kim is department chair, our tech coordinator, and is on our PD Team. She's not afraid to ask questions, try new things, and look for next steps to meet any new challenge. She can tell you anything about Rio's history and helps with planning schedules and calendars to keep us on-track. She genuinely is the HART of Rio and we are blessed that she is part of our staff!


Photo of Amy Daniels
Amy Daniels Community
Amy Daniels serves as the Executive Director of the WiSH Education Foundation. Amy exemplifies many of the Hart District core values, but especially community. Amy serves and supports students of the Hart District, leading the fundraising efforts of the foundation to provide extra resources that help ensure every student has the tools and resources they need.
Photo of Bryan Martuscello
Bryan Martuscello  Courage
Bryan has been a campus supervisor at Hart for the past 11 years, a football coach longer than that, and most recently has been our lead campus supervisor. He has assisted with multiple student safety situations, but most recently worked through a delicate situation when we lost a student on campus. It took courage, caring, community and being creative, all of the district’s four core values, to bring together students and keep things calm on campus in light of what was going on in the community. Bryan is a veteran, serving our country, but more importantly keeping Hart's campus safe and secure, and it takes courage to do that.
Photo of Ruben Del Real
Ruben Del Real  Community
Wellness Coordinator Ruben Del Real has co-facilitated two wellness forums covering a multitude of mental health/social emotional topics, discussions, and activities. He also co-leads our monthly wellness department parent forums, which has helped build community and connection between parents/guardians and mental-health professionals. He leads group counseling options and has conducted male and female empowerment workshops. His biggest accomplishment is that Canyon has the highest number of students joining our wellness center per month across the district. This indicates strong rapport-building with our students and more mental-health resources being offered. Ruben is looking forward to  our first ever student athlete wellness forum which will include community partners co-presenting mental health topics addressing student athlete performance, nutrition, time management, and overall athletic fortitude.
Photo of Jean Kauffman
Jean Kauffman  Community
Jean represents the best of the best of the Hart District and builds a sense of community wherever she goes and with whomever she serves. As a PAR Consulting Teacher, she supports our new teachers in moving their practice forward, solving what seems like impossible problems, and infects them with her contagious positive attitude, love of students, commitment to education for all, and caring heart. Thank you for all that you do in supporting our teachers and students. Congratulations!
Photo of araksia Kaladjian
Araksia Kaladjian  Caring
Araksia Kaladjian is a school psychologist who is caring, thorough, kind, and respectful to all. She makes families, students, and staff feel welcomed and heard throughout the IEP process. She takes the time to clearly explain the process, protocol, and results associated with the assessments and IEP. Araksia is a vital part of our Care Team and our school community. We are so grateful for her expertise and all she does for our students at Rancho Pico.
Photo of Alex Dunwoody
Alex Dunwoody  Caring
Mr. Dunwoody shows daily how he cares for his students.  As a La Mesa alum, he relates to each student that he comes in contact with and consistently looks to build relationships with his students.  Students look to him for guidance and the respect is given and received through their interactions.  He is a valuable member of the La Mesa community and we are lucky to have him!
Photo of Broden Weeks
Broden Weeks  Community
Broden was given the One Hart award for community due to his unique ability to bring students together and to promote the video production program at Castaic High School. While at the STN convention in Long Beach last month, Broden worked on a number of contests and was always there to support his peers and to support the chaperones to create such a positive experience for everyone. 
Photo of Dean Acevedo
Dean Acevedo  Caring
Coach Dean shows a great deal of caring and support for the boys on the frosh volleyball team at Saugus. It is evident that Coach Dean has taught the boys not just the rules of the game but also how to cheer their teammates on and how to be there for each other when playing games.
Photo of Kasey Watanabe
Kasey Watanabe  Courage
Kasey Watanabe is being selected for the One Hart Award for her courage as the new librarian. Kasey has done a great job supporting students and staff and has had the courage to lead difficult conversations to support the needs of all. We appreciate all that Kasey has done to set up the upcoming AP exams. 
Photo of Penni Kern
Penni Kern  Caring
Penni worked in food service at Arroyo Seco for six years before recently accepting a promotion to Rio Norte.  While at Seco, she always gave 110%, making strong connections with our students and watching out for those kids with special diets.  She was also always seen outside after lunch, helping the custodians pick up trash.  Thank you Penni!   
Photo of Jessica Meraz
Jessica Meraz  Community
As ASB director, Jessica always goes above and beyond to support our Arroyo Seco community.  She works with her student leaders to create many memorable experiences for students and seek out ways to recognize the efforts of those who are making positive choices.  Enlisting the support of parents, Jessica has also put in countless hours to acknowledge the hard work of all of our staff members, both during Staff Appreciation Week and throughout the school year.  Thank you for all of your contributions to our school community!    
Photo of Leticia Hernandez
Leticia Hernandez  Community
Dr. Hernandez’s life and professional story exemplify the power of community. As a child of immigrant parents, she was encouraged by a teacher at Saugus High School to dream big for her future. Through hard work, an exceptional professional resume, and the support of many in the community, she has returned to Santa Clarita to help open the doors of opportunity to a new generation of students as the Superintendent of the Newhall School District.
Photo of David Gillum
David Gillum   Community
David Gillum has been instrumental in sponsorship partnership with Golden Valley HS.  Since 2016 his organizations have donated over $50,000 to our athletic department.  The City of Santa Clarita just recognized David for his outstanding volunteering for youth sports, coaching boys and girls basketball for six years.  He has also coached Canyon Country Little League for 10 years.  David exemplifies someone who gives back to his community with available resources and his personal time.  He's an incredible human being. 
Photo of Sophia Mayben
Sophia Maybin  Courage
Sophia Maybin has been a member of ROTC and is a natural leader at Canyon.  Her hard work has earned her a scholarship funded by the Air Force in which she will be able to receive her private pilot certification this summer.  She is the proud recipient of one of the J-100 AFJROTC100 scholarships, which covers 100% tuition to a university of her choice.  Congratulations, Sophia!
Photo of Sue Cahill
Sue Cahill  Caring
Sue Cahill always leads with what she knows and believes is best for all students. She is fair and kind. She treats others with respect. Even on challenging days, Sue remains calm and collected. She leads by example at all times, and she is proactive. Sue goes above and beyond her job description and always thinks about ways to make good better. She is reflective, open to feedback, and genuinely cares about the students and their wellbeing.
Photo of Jeff Press
Jeff and Jennifer Press  Community
Jeff and Jennifer Press are the owners of Santa Clarita's Firehouse Subs.  The Press family is always giving back, which is why we wanted to present them with our March One Hart award for community and give back to them.  Whether it's a Heart of Hart luncheon (like we had when we presented this coin), or for staff events, extracurricular programs, or to the community at large, the Presses are true community partners.  Many Hart students work at their sandwich shop, and they obviously care for our first responders. We can't be more thankful for the services Firehouse and the Presses provide!
Photo of Munnu Sudan
Munnu Sudan  Community
Munnu Sudan is being recognized for community for her involvement in supporting our boys and girls basketball teams. Mrs. Sudan has been an amazing supporter of both of our programs and goes above and beyond. As a parent of two West Ranch students, Mrs. Sudan is a great advocate for all students and has dedicated many hours to help support all students at our school. We appreciate all that Mrs. Sudan has done and continues to do for our community. 
Photo of Aaron Kirkland
Aaron Kirkland  Community
Aaron is a staple at La Mesa Junior High and his sense of community is unparalleled. He embraces being a mentor to new teachers and follows through with the professional learning community as he facilitates unifying his department, and school, so that students feel the cohesiveness of the campus where all teachers are focused on student growth.  This focus on student growth is not only in academics, but on young people growing into young adults.  
Photo of Eve Itaya
Eve Itaya  Caring
Eve Itaya was awarded a One Hart Award for caring because of her immense dedication to our students and community.  Eve exhibits, encourages and lives by a "growth mindset" in every decision, always student centered.  After 34 years of teaching, she inspires all who know her.  We are so proud to have her on our Coyote staff as not only an exceptional teacher but also an inspirational leader who is continually taking on tasks to grow our school.
Photo of Erin McCleary
Erin McCleary Creativity
Erin McCleary is a librarian PLUS. Erin is kind, creative, nurturing, and innovative. Her library is a maker space, a game room, a reading room, a craft space, and a safe space where all students are welcome before school, brunch, lunch, and after school for enrichment. Erin is our Robotics and Science Olympiad Coach and serves on our PBIS Team. Erin is constantly looking for ways to fund and bring new opportunities to our diverse student population through the library.
Photo of Adriana De Fazio
Adriana De Fazio Caring
Adriana De Fazio has held down the position of AP secretary at Hart HS for nearly 30 years. I first encountered Adriana as a substitute teacher in 2001. She always showed so much care for Hart and those who came into the AP office. She continues that care today, constantly staying on top of teachers who are out and finding coverage. She is amazing. We are presenting this One Hart coin to her for the amount of care that she has given Hart HS. Thank you Adriana, you are the best!
Photo of Jim Ventress
Jim Ventress Community
Jim Ventress has impacted the lives of countless children, keeping them safe and teaching them respect for themselves and others. Even though Jim has retired from directing the SCV Boys and Girls Clubs, you will still often see him at the clubs helping children.
Photo of Kathy Hunter
Kathy Hunter Caring
Kathy Hunter supports programs and initiatives that are in the best interest of students. She always puts student needs first. She is  ready to help whenever needed and she takes time to explain the issues. She meets needs creatively and in any way she can. 
Photo of Andy Perez-Benitez
Andy Perez-Benitez Creativity
Between lessons for English Learners and our Sierra Vista Life news channel, Andy exudes creativity.
Photo of Caren Cummins
Caren Cummins Creativity
Caren uses multiple methods in her kitchen to teach students life skills they can build upon creatively.
Photo of Kristiana Molina
Kristiana Molina Community
Kristiana has worked with intention to build bridges, team build, and be inclusive with all staff in the Human Resources department.  We are deeply appreciative and want to recognize her efforts in the core value of community.
Photo of Jan Daisher
Jan Daisher Creativity
Jan Daisher could be recognized for her work that promotes community, collaboration and courage, but the core value that is most recognizable is creativity.  Jan has a way of using ingenuity in complex situations to complete the needed work to support ALL students.  She is an integral part of the Ed Services team because of her heart for students, her "team" attitude, and her tireless work to create environments for which both students and staff can thrive.  For these reasons, and many more, Jan was given the One Hart Award for creativity.
Photo of Pat Modugno, Frank Chavez, Javier Padilla   
Pat Modugno, Frank Chavez, Javier Padilla
These gentlemen work diligently each day to assure that the learning and work environments are ready for students to learn. During COVID, they upgraded filters across the district. In the fall, when we experienced a prolonged heat wave, they were working days, nights, and weekends to keep up with the extreme challenges, much of that time up on roofs in 100 plus degree weather. They are unsung heroes who go about their work without fanfare or recognition.
Photo of Rob Kayne, Ben Kayne
Rob Kayne, Ben Kayne Caring
Attorney and AOC father, Mr. Rob Kayne, and his son, AOC 10th grader, Ben Kayne received a One Hart Award for community. They began our AOC Mock Trial tea, and practice hours each week with our students to ensure they are prepared for their Mock Trial competitions. For our first year, they have been competitive with the private school teams and have placed.  We are so proud of the work of our Mock Trial team. Thank you Ben and Mr. Kayne for bringing our AOC students together for this team. 
Scot Mahotz Community
Scot has served as Canyon Country Little League President since 2011.  He has given countless hours of service, including building a new field at the complex with his son, Matthew, in 2017.  He also serves four other offices for the CCLL.  Scot has volunteered over 250 hours on our baseball field in the last four years along with donations of seed, soil and fertilizer.  His contributions and time served volunteering are amongst the most generous in Golden Valley’s 19 years.  
Photo of Scot Mahotz, April Rios
April Rios Community
April is an amazing Golden Valley and community volunteer.  She has served as a Football Booster member since 2014
and the President since 2016.  She has served the Little Grizzlies since 2015.  April has given countless hours and fundraisers to benefit our football program and the GVHS community.  She is one of the biggest GV supporters of all time. (Her husband Henry was by her side in all of her contributions.)
Photo of Kevin Fulleman
Kevin Fulleman Creativity
Mr. Fulleman is being recognized for Creativity.  He is a popular and engaging teacher who has done a great job of developing young musicians and building our instrumental music program, which now includes Orchestra.  His recruitment videos are very creative and students love being in his classes.  Thank you, Mr. Fulleman! 
Photo of Justine Hooper
Justine Hooper Community
Justine Hooper is being recognized for community.  She is an experienced teacher who joined Arroyo Seco in the 2022-23 school year.  Not only has she contributed in her role as a special education teacher, she has made contributions to our school community as a whole.  Ms. Hooper took on the challenge of leading a group of students to the Math Counts competition (for the first time in approximately 20 years at Arroyo Seco).  Thank you Ms. Hooper!
Photo of Steve Paterson
Steve Paterson Community
Steve is the embodiment of community at La Mesa.  As a Special Education Counselor, Steve is always accessible for his students and teachers and is always willing to jump in as needed.  He also gives up his time before school, brunch, lunch and after school to help supervise the campus and guide students in helping them H.O.W.L. while on campus and helping them continue that behavior while at home as they mature through junior high!  He is a valued asset to the La Mesa team and the District!
Photo of Lizzy Ng
Lizzy Ng Courage
Lizzy is a phenomenal English teacher and ASB advisor. She works hard to ensure students are getting her best day in and day out. She loves her students and challenges them to learn and grow from their experiences. Lizzy showed courage in her decision to step down from ASB to pursue her National Board Certification in English. While we will miss her impact on our ASB, we fully support her in this major, courageous decision!
Photo of Valerie Bradford
Valerie Bradford Community
Valerie Bradford recognizes how our community, including our school community, is changing and courageously advocates for all children and holds us accountable for doing the same.
Photo of Sal Frias
Sal Frias Community
Mr. Frias brings in the community to increase access, awareness and opportunities for Golden Valley students. When presented with this award, he received a standing ovation from his staff. 
Martina Hasek Caring Martina exemplifies the attribute of caring. She is filling in as our office manager and everyday she cares for our staff. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to do anything to make sure our students and staff have what they need. Our school runs smoothly because of all she does. Photo of Martina Hasek
Dave Russell
George Lopata
Community These two gentlemen are teachers and athletic directors. They are committed to creating community in their classrooms. And they also spend countless hours creating community among our coaches, athletes, and staff. This includes coaches that are full-time teachers and our walk-on coaches. These two work tirelessly to make sure our community of athletes are successful and supported. And their hard work ensures that the tight-knit community of Saugus High School is maintained.  Photo of Dave Russell and George Lopata
Heidi Sternberg Courage Life is full of ups and downs. Heidi continues to show courage in her professional life and her personal life. She courageously advocates for her students and courageously navigates the difficult issues that life throws her way. 
Photo of Heidi Sternberg
Kyanna Isaacson Community Kyanna Isaacson has been a true community partner in the Santa Clarita Valley for many years now.  Kyanna is also a product of the Hart District.  But what sets Kyanna apart is her opening of true community stores for many of our schools.  Most recently the Newhall Jersey Mike's opened up and we couldn't be more proud of the support and generosity that Kyanna and her staff have shown to Hart High School.  Kyanna was awarded the One Hart Award for community. Photo of Kyanna Isaacson
Greg Myers Community Greg is a true example of community.  He is not just a groundskeeper, but you will see Greg going above and beyond his responsibilities to help La Mesa be a great place for learning.  He engages with students and is proactive in getting involved when needed and at a moments notice. Photo of Greg Myers
Erika Garcia Community Erika embodies the sense of community that all teachers aspire to.  She is a leader on campus and looks for ways to connect with each of her students.  Every student feels welcome, as she differentiates lessons to connect with each student in her class.  Also, at the beginning of the school year, she stepped in and assisted a long-term substitute so that the sub and students were in lock step with the pacing of the Science Department.  Congratulations Erika - you deserve it! Photo of Erika Garcia
Jon Carrino Community Jon Carrino goes well above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to his excellent work as the Director of Technology Services, he has assumed the position of District Office Activities Director to help make everyone smile. Jon is one of the big reasons why people continue to love to come to work in the Hart District Office. Thank you Jon! Photo of Jon Carrino
Chris Siegwart Caring Chris Siegwart often works with people who are facing some of their worst times.  She exemplifies our core value of caring.  She works with every person who comes her way, pairing that person up with the correct leave and resources, and answering all of their questions.  Photo of Chris Siegwart
Amy Gaines Creativity Amy supports the special education staff at the school sites by providing creative solutions to ongoing academic and behavior issues.  She is a true team player and exemplifies the core value of Creativity. Photo of Amy Gaines
Stephanie Yoshida Community Stephanie has been proactive in improving the level of service and support for staff at the Admin Center and school sites.  She actively seeks opportunities to provide hands-on training and support with regular site visits to work with ASB staff.  Her work has been instrumental in assisting the sites to meet the needs of their students, improve systems and processes, and break down barriers. Photo of Stephanie Yoshida
Carolyn Hoffman Caring Dr. Carolyn Hoffman was recognized for caring because of her dedication and tireless work to support our students and staff.  Carolyn was recognized for caring because of her sincere care in all that she does for students and staff.  She is the ultimate team player, she works all hours, and her work touches all facets of the District, well outside of Career and College Readiness where she has led our exemplary program.  She has a true heart for education and in fact suggested the phrase, Every Student Opportunity Ready. Photo of Carolyn Hoffman
Jacy Kasheena Patt Community Bowman choses Jacy Kasheena Patt as our One Hart award recipient for community and caring.  Jacy is dedicated to our Bowman students and works diligently to help them grow as individuals.  Her caring nature is what makes her such an asset to our school community.  Photo of Jacy Kasheena Patt
Jeff Holen
Beth Holen
Caring Jeff and Beth Holen were awarded the One Hart award for caring. Jeff and Beth are both extremely dedicated teachers who give so much to West Ranch. Jeff and Beth care for their own students, but go above and beyond to help all students. Jeff and Beth both work after school intervention, athletics games, and dances. They can be seen at all WR events supporting our school in so many ways. Photo of Jeff and Beth Holen
Fatin Sako Caring Fatin Sako is Academy of the Canyons' ROOTS PTA President and she was awarded a One Hart award for caring and community.  Fatin has given countless hours to the AOC community, always caring, showing respect and including everyone in all her projects.  She spearheads many events for AOC teachers, staff and students.  Fatin and her husband, Dr. Patrus are so committed to AOC's success that they generously donated funding to create the very first student wellness room in the District at AOC.  Fatin has also participated in the Strategic Plan community input committee, spent countless hours on the PCC representing AOC, and participated in a WASC committee parent panel.  Fatin will always go above and beyond for the AOC community to show how much the parents care about this school.  We are so appreciative of the way she cares for AOC and how she brings our community together. Thank you, Fatin!  Photo of Fatin Sako
Christine Colton Caring Christine Colton is the EL Coordinator at Hart and has shown a tremendous amount of care for the English Learner population, the largest EL population  at any of our District schools.  As an English teacher for the past eight years, Christine goes above and beyond in terms of being caring.  She cares about each of the EL students and about the EL program being successful.  She leads the ELAC meetings and tries her hardest to connect each faculty member at Hart with our EL students.  Christine Colton is caring and deserving of the One Hart Award.
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Christine Colton
Jenni Frias Caring Mrs. Frias is receiving the One Hart Award from La Mesa Junior High in the area of caring.  The moment you step into her classroom, you can see the connection she has with her students and as the school's EL Coordinator, she is constantly looking for how to make each kid feel connected and successful.  She is a huge asset to the campus and to all of her students that have the privilege of being in her classroom. Jenni Frias
April Rego Community April Rego was announced as this month's One Hart recipient at Golden Valley. April demonstrates such commitment to community.  Her ability to establish relationships with business, churches, and partners helps us provide resources for not only Golden Valley, but also for other Hart District schools and school districts supporting our valley.   April Rego
Justin Diez Community Captain Diez exemplifies the four Hart District core values of  community, caring, courage and creativity in his work and his personal life. AND he keeps our community safe! Thank you Captain Diez for all you do for the students and staff of the Hart District and the community of Santa Clarita!  Justin Diez
Mike O’Connor Community Mike O’Connor has graciously provided a myriad of photography services to the Hart District for MANY years including Board member portraits, the yearly Board photo for yearbooks, and Certificated and Classified Employee of the year photos. Mr. O’Connor embodies our District’s commitment to community and we really appreciate working with him. Thank you Mr. O’Connor! Mike O'Connor
Jeff Regez Community Jeff Regez is our amazing PAC president and Canyon dad. He is an integral part of making sure our staff members feel appreciated, and he works tirelessly to help support the families of Canyon High School.  He is a Cowboy through and through and we are very lucky to have him as part of our Canyon family. For community - I would like to thank Jeff Regez for all his hard work. Jeff Regez
Kim Goller Caring Kim is the department chair for our counseling team. We have had some significant changes this year to our counseling staff and Kim has done an amazing job of creating a kind, supportive, and highly effective working environment. Kim's heart and non-stop working mind are always focused on our students. She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure our students feel loved, supported, and successful. For caring - I would like to recognize Kim Goller for all her hard work. Kim Goller
Sandy Kuhn Caring Sandy serves all people - staff, students, and families - with supreme care. She welcomes people with a warm smile, listens carefully to them, and regularly does everything in her power to provide for people and show them love Sandy Kuhn
Peggi Stoffel Creativity Peggi Stoffel is an extraordinary teacher and leader in music education.  Peggi leads our superior-ranked orchestra and band and is getting her CTE credential in careers in the music industry. Peggi mentors teachers and is a master of a master teacher, by coaching her student teachers and modeling exemplary practice. Peggi’s gifts to the profession are known throughout the state of California. She was just awarded the 2022-2023 CMEA (Cal Music Ed Association) Middle School Music Specialist Award. Peggi Stoffel
Jesika Marikta Community Jesika is a true example of community.  She effortlessly builds community on our campus on a daily basis. She is seen as a true leader for all she does for our wonderful staff and community.  We are so lucky to have her as a member of the Castaic community. Jesika Marikta
Leland Velasquez Caring Leland represents the core value of caring.  Leland is compassionate, loving, and considerate of all students on the Viking campus.  Leland is always willing to support staff and his peers at any time.  He is service oriented and wants to make our campus a better place.  The Viking community is grateful for Leland! Leland Velasquez
Julie Harris Community Julie is caring toward everyone, she is creative in resolving student issues, and she shows courage in how she conducts herself daily. But most importantly, Julie embodies what the Rio Norte Community is about. She has been a part of Rio since the beginning and she is the essence of River Hawk Spirit! Julie Harris
Greg Hayes
Tammy Werth
Greg Hayes is a teacher at Learning Post Academy, online independent alternative school of choice.  He received a One Hart award for being a caring individual.  He fosters a culture of respect, kindness, and inclusivity for all LPA students, families, and staff.  Greg cares greatly about the individual journeys that our students share with him -  their challenges and successes. Many of our students have unique stories and backgrounds and Greg takes the time to celebrate our outstanding athletes, career-oriented students, and artists. 
Tammy Werth is a science teacher at Learning Post Academy and she is a very creative and solutions-oriented teacher and teammate.  No matter what challenges a student may face, she is always willing to think out of the box to find a way to help any student be successful.  Without a traditional lab setting, she helps students understand physics and chemistry.  Creative and caring, Tammy has earned a One Hart Award. 
Greg Hayes & Tammy Werth
Jason Wilhelm Caring Jason Wilhelm is the Social-Emotional Wellness Liaison for Academy of the Canyons.  He has been in this position for two years and has led our school through a staff-wide adoption of Yale University's RULER program.  He spent several weeks with team members from AOC being trained by Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence to ensure that our school has the ability to recognize, understand, label, express and regulate feelings and emotions.  Mr. Wilhelm has taught his SEL students how to lead trainings for our 9th and 10th grade students.  For example, the seniors and juniors host a ROOTED day where freshmen learn about the AOC and College of the Canyons school-wide culture.  He hosts "sidewalk talks" with his students to help them open up and discuss their lives.  He is also leading the school in professional development in RULER training and is piloting the curriculum with his colleagues.  His focus on wellness has greatly impacted our school in a positive way.  His care for our students' mental health and his collaboration with our wellness department at AOC has transformed the mental health of our students.  He has positively influenced our school culture and has received the One Hart award for being a caring community member.   Jason Wilhelm
Anthony Acosta Caring Mr. Anthony Acosta is a caring community member at Academy of the Canyons.  Mr. Acosta has generously donated food, drinks, and paper goods to several of our school-wide events.  Before final exams, our ROOTS PTA hosts a table to provide hot cocoa with whipped cream and cookie treats for our students to help them stay warm and enjoy a sweet treat before taking exams. Thank you Mr. Acosta for supporting our AOC students and bringing them together with food for these special events. You care greatly for your nephew and the students at AOC and you demonstrate this with your acts of giving.  Anthony Acosta
Hannah Mistry Caring Hannah Mistry has spent countless hours building Castaic High School's theater program, but more importantly, she has been instrumental in helping build the inclusive and warm culture that exists at Castaic High School. We wish Hannah the best as she embarks on a new adventure- returning home to England. Hannah's presence will be felt for years to come. Hannah Mistry
Natalie Spivey Creativity After working on elected positions that didn’t come to fruition, Natalie Spivey took charge as the ASB Spirit Commission Lead, planning all student section themes and spirit weeks on campus. She’s always trying to find ways to bring Hart together with spirit and originality. Natalie co-leads as a Hart student section spirit leader as well.  She also co-hosted the black light rally we recently held. Natalie has gone above and beyond with Creativity this year and we are awarding her this coin for it. Natalie
Hope Hepburn Community This month we are recognizing West Ranch senior Hope Hepburn for representing the core values of Community and Caring. Hope is an amazing example of both of these core values. She always has a smile on her face and a positive energy that cares for all. In addition, Hope brings together the Wildcat community through her involvement in many groups on campus. One example of her dedication to the community was evident on Friday November 4th. That night, Hope did an amazing job performing as Alice in our school play, Alice in Wonderland. After the show was over, she drove over to VHS to support the football team as they played in their CIF football game. Her dedication to our school community is greatly appreciated. Hope Hepburn
Adhitya Ram Creativity Adhitya Ram is a West Ranch student who helped set up Rancho Pico’s enrichment program. He teaches the after-school coding class, Code For Kids, and coaches the Rancho Pico robotics team, Probots, who placed 2nd in their first competition. Adhitya is a natural teacher allowing students to explore, create and learn. Adhitya Ram
Matt Nelson Community Boys and Girls Club Chief Executive Officer Matt Nelson is a caring, visionary leader. The Santa Clarita Club has expanded under his leadership, opening three new locations and currently serving 1600 children and teens. Thank you for your service to our community! Matt Nelson
Manny Cortez Caring Manny is our lead campus supervisor who truly understands and does a phenomenal job of keeping Bowman safe.  He is extremely knowledgeable about our school, our students, and his role on our campus.  He is a welcoming face each day for students as they enter and he is a positive role model.  Manny is an essential component to our amazing school. Manny Cortez
Ron Ippolito Creativity Ron Ippolito was Rio's One Hart Award winner for November for Creativity. Ron is a person that embodies every quality of our One Hart Award, but I specifically selected Creativity for Ron because he brings his creativity into everything he does. From teaching in the classroom to Professional Development and work with his colleagues, to the leadership he provides his RioTV students, there is a creativity I envy in everything he does! Ron leads with his heart for students and is always there for his colleagues, bringing his own spin along the way as he strives to serve others.  Ron Ippolito
Cristal Arriaga Caring Cristal has a huge heart and the level of care she gives to our students and our families is great. Cristal is helpful and has the capacity to love people exactly where they are. Cristal Arriaga
Janice Dennington
Helio Gudino
Janice Dennington is the Office Manager at Placerita as well as the CSEA Chapter 349 President.  Janice is constantly working for our staff and all the classified staff in the District.  She is very creative in all the ways she supports everyone and makes our days better.  
Helio Gudino is the Plant Manager at Placerita.  He makes our school run efficiently every day.  From fixing the big things down to the smallest need, he is always there for all our staff when needed. Helio is an  integral part of making our school operate efficiently. 
Janice Dennington and Helio Gudino
Paula Davidson Caring Paula Davidson cares greatly about the Learning Post Academy students, families and staff.  She is passionate about the Hart District's alternative school of choice.  Whenever a family calls and has a story to share about their child, Mrs. Davidson listens with an empathetic ear and does everything she can to help a student.  She has been with LPA for many years and supported the LPA staff through many transitions.  She wants everyone in the community to feel included and supported.  Paula Davidson has earned a One Hart Caring award.  Paula Davidson
Kelly Abbott Caring Kelly Abbott cares greatly about the Learning Post Academy community.  She is our new counselor and has worked at LPA for many years.  She is deeply passionate about creating a culture of inclusivity for students.  She reviews every student applicant applying to LPA and takes the time to get to know individual student stories to ensure that their academic programming is given the care and attention they deserve.  Kelly has earned the One Hart Caring Award. Kelly Abbott
Sharon Garvar Community Sharon Garvar is a teacher and Project Linus mentor at the Academy of the Canyons. As the Project Linus club advisor, she oversees the program from Antelope Valley and all of Santa Clarita Valley.  Sharon exemplifies what we want all of our students at AOC to be able to do - to find a passion outside of themselves to serve the greater good of the community. At a recent Make a Blanket Drive, Project Linus students were able to collect over 600 blankets to give to children and babies in need.  Under the direction of Sharon Garvar, and through her Non-Profit Ventures class at AOC, students learn through project-based learning and attain skills in public relations, project management, community outreach and maintaining a non-profit organization.  She has inspired students to work to serve the community and be of service to others.  Sharon has earned the One Hart Award of Community and Caring as she encourages collaboration amongst students, staff and community members AND cares greatly about providing blankets to children in need.  Sharon Garver
Vince Ferry Courage Vince Ferry embodies the core value of courage through his commitment to students as a leader. He not only led a staff through an experience that no educator should endure, but he also took the initiative and drive to work with a school to have it opened for the fall in just two short weeks. Mr. Ferry is a true symbol of courage and strength for the Hart District. Vince Ferry
Tina Hepp Courage Tina Hepp perseveres through challenges and honors those who show integrity. Tina is our district nurse who has an office at Rancho Pico and cares for our students as if they were part of her family. We are incredibly blessed to have Tina on our campus and part of our RP team. Her expertise and help with medical situations are greatly appreciated.
June Shin Caring June Shin represents Inclusivity, kindness, and respect.  She is Rancho Pico's classified employee of the year and is the most spirited staff member on campus, according to the students. June is kind, fun, competent, and willing to help everyone with everything! 
Aaron Quevedo Community Aaron is only a junior, but he has done so much for Hart High School that I want to give him this coin for community. Aaron was involved at Placerita with Kidflix and started the Miner Details podcast. I invited Aaron to take over the Hart to Hart podcast and he took it to levels I couldn’t have imagined. Now Aaron runs tech and lighting for stagecraft, and, as part of a team, basically runs almost all productions here at Hart. Without Aaron’s help we couldn’t have pulled off the Larry Fiscus memorial, nor back to school night, and the list goes on and on. Aaron reflects a sense of community at Hart. 
Arian Wilson Caring As the District's ELD Program Specialist, Arian Wilson personifies caring as she works with English learners individually at every school site.  She cares deeply about their personal stories, goals, interests, successes, and challenges.  She creates personalized learning paths to help them each access their education with language support to meet their needs.  Arian has completely rewritten the District's EL program for Newcomers, and continues to increase and improve all the services we provide.  It is truly because Arian cares so much that our EL students are able to succeed in unlimited ways.
Dennis Yong Community

We celebrate this cowboy today who is an outstanding teacher and advocate for change in our world. He is not only an outstanding teacher but an amazing coach.   His kindness and consideration for others is unparalleled and his sense of community outshines us all. Dennis receives the One Hart Award for community and as an incredible humanitarian. 

Irma Virgen Caring This cowboy  is dedicated to serving our EL Newcomers, and she puts her heart into her connections with the students. She is a collaborative and valued member of our Achieve team. Irma proactively looks out for our students as they learn how to navigate themselves at Canyon High School.  
Liberty Floyd Courage
This Cowboy is a model student and person. She is dedicated, a leader in words and in action, and is one of the most dependable students I have ever met. She  has been preparing to be ASB president for years and is exemplary. She has the courage to take on anything and always  finds time to balance all of her activities on and off campus. She is AMAZING. Liberty Floyd has the COURAGE to reach for her dreams.
Deputy Tarek Salah Community Deputy Salah plays an important part in our community by helping us supervise the campus. He also provides us with resources and services that ensure that our campus is a safe place. He is always willing to meet with students and their families.  Deputy Salah
Ira Rounsaville Community Mr. R is an integral part of our Centurion community. He works tirelessly to help students, staff, and families increase their mental health and thrive on campus. On a daily basis, he seeks out opportunities to build people up and spread genuine positivity on campus. Mr. R regularly looks for the good in those around him.  Ira Rounsaville
Sergeant Mike Marino Community Sergeant Marino is a hardworking individual, not looking for a pat on the back while working in service to the community. He oversees the District school resource officers, does an exceptional job to keep our campuses safe, and is unbelievably responsive to the needs of our community. We are thankful for our collaborative working relationship with him and the Sheriff's Department.    Sergeant Marino
Chris Varner Community Coach Varner was awarded the One Hart Award in the category of community. Coach Varner has done a lot to bring together the West Ranch community in many ways, specifically through the football program. His efforts in our community have been highlighted this year with the success of the football program. Coach Varner's team went 10-0 and won the Foothill League Championship for the first time in school history. To make this year even more special, two of Coach Varner's sons are on our varsity football team. We are very proud of Coach Varner's effort to bring together the West Ranch community.  Chris Varner
Richard Haring Caring Richard Haring received our One Hart award for caring and creativity.  He works with our students and families to support students in being successful on a daily basis.  The intramural soccer tournament that he organized and refereed was a huge success with enormous student participation.  Richard Haring
Lizbeth Benavides Caring Lizbeth Benavides received our One Hart award for caring.  She is a dedicated counselor who supports all students.  She is a welcoming face and such a wonderful addition to our team and school community.  Lizbeth Benavides
Kelly Soto Caring Kelly has been caring about students in a creative way for many years at Placerita.  She is one who works behind the scenes, always doing her job in an excellent way. She is regularly developing creative ways to teach her content so that all students have an opportunity to succeed. Kelly Soto
Lynn Lien Caring Lynn Lien is one of the founding staff members at Golden Valley - 19 years! She has cared about every staff member and community member while managing the main office.  Her ability to listen to staff and support all needs is amazing.  She is retiring soon and is so very deserving of this award for all she has done for GV and how she has served our community. Lynn Lien
Roy Loper Courage Roy Loper is our Lead Campus Supervisor at Academy of the Canyons.  He demonstrates the Hart core value of courage. He perseveres through challenges everyday in his line of work.  We appreciate his commitment to our students' safety and wellness.   Roy knows all of our students' names and supports their well being by caring for each individual student, staff, and community member.  We value his courage!   Roy Loper
Justine Bush Caring Justine is a great example of caring and she shows it daily in her work with the SDCLS program.  She organizes the students and facilitates real life special projects for them, most recently being the selling of "pumpkins" and having the students deliver them to the La Mesa staff member.  She has also volunteered to be a department mentor to new teachers and jumps in whenever needed to make every student matter!  Justine Bush
Michelle Rubenstein Community The One Heart Award was given to Michelle Rubenstein for community. Michelle embodies everything we want to promote in our Rio Norte community. As PTSA President she has shown a true passion for not only expanding active parent membership in PTSA, but specifically to expand the diversity of the PTSA parent base to show a true representation of our Rio Norte community. She has been instrumental to me, as a new principal, learning and understanding the needs of our families and she exemplifies collaborative partnership that seeks inclusivity and shows a love of everything Rio! Michelle Rubenstein
Dr. Robert Karzel Community The VHS medical science program and football team recognized the support of Dr. Ronald Karzel. Dr. Karzel has supported the VHS community for more than 30 years. 
Josh Benham Courage Josh shows courage daily in his role as ASB director and math instructor at Valencia High School. Josh Benham
    September 2022  
Nicole Jolicoeur Courage Nicole Jolicoeur stood by the SDCLS class last spring and was the constant for the students and staff in the program. She persevered through the challenges of adding a second class and showed up every time we interviewed teachers or instructional assistants. We appreciate your grit, perseverance, and courage to take on this new challenge.
Jenny Guzman Community Jennifer Guzman led our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team to take ideas that the team had previously developed on paper into a collaborative effort to launch PBIS to the entire school community during the first week of school. We have DASH posters and DASH tickets to recognize students who do the right things, act responsibly, show respect and have respect. She has set up a DASH ticket redemption system in our student store.   
Josh Nowak Courage For over ten years at Hart, Josh has been a courageous counselor and has recently led the counseling department to new heights. The number of counselors in his department has expanded tremendously. This year, Josh even created his own counselor retreat and that takes courage. Balancing classes and assisting with schedules is not the easiest in August, but Josh doesn’t shy away from these hard tasks. Over distance learning, Mr. Nowak courageously created a newsletter to send out to his caseload to keep his students and their families informed. Over and over again, Josh exudes the District's slogan, making "every student, opportunity ready." Thank you Josh for your courage and contributions to Hart High School.
Vince Wheeler
Carmelo Flores

Vince and Carmelo represent ASB and Athletics, which through the last three years has had to be very creative to keep students engaged and involved. They have demonstrated courage and creativity while allowing our community to enjoy athletics and school activities for over 10 years each. The amount of pride they take in GV and our community is incredible. Congratulations!

Mia Tretta Courage

Mia is an amazing student who has found a way to turn her pain into passion. She consistently looks for ways to improve the community around her and she is a positive force on campus. 

Lisa Soares

Lisa demonstrates thoughtful courage. She is able to get us to look at what we are doing well, while also asking us to be reflective and identify how we can be better. 

Mark Funk Community Mark continuously plays into the well being of the Sierra Vista campus, not just through his responsibilities as Plant Manager but also interacting with staff, students and all coming onto campus. Photo of Mark Funk
Angela Knolls Caring Angela is a team player. She goes above and beyond to assist students, parents, and teachers. Angela jumps in at anytime to provide the best service. Angela is well deserved of this award. Photo of Angela Knolls
Cary Quashen Community Cary Quashen, founder of Action Drug Rehab, has dedicated his life to reaching troubled teens. He is a local hometown hero and an important voice in the community regarding the dangers of drugs. He embodies all four Hart District core values of community, caring, creativity and courage. Thank you Cary! Photo of Cary Quashen
Diana Grijalva Caring Diana Grijalva is the academic counselor at AOC. Everyday, she cares deeply for each of our students and supports their individual academic and career oriented goals by creating individual education plans with every student on our campus. Diana will stop everything she is doing when a student is need of emotional support. She spends countless hours taking care of our students academic and emotional needs. She truly demonstrates CARING for AOC.
Don Musella Community Don exemplifies our core value of community. Don is a teacher in our intervention program at Learning Post Academy and he helps every student reach their goal of earning a high school diploma. He encourages collaboration and embraces the strengths of our students to help motivate and encourage them to reach their academic goals. Photo of Don Musella
Tim Cotti
Tracie Priske

Tim Cotti, ASB Tech, and Tracie Priske, ASB Director, were both given the One Hart award for all they do to bring together the West Ranch community. Tim and Tracie were recognized for all of their hard work putting together our Homecoming Rally, football game activities and Homecoming Dance. They both work tirelessly to bring together the students, staff and parents to create a positive learning environment.

Photo of Time Cotti and Tracie Priske
Joanne Sparks Courage Anyone who has seen Joanne Sparks in action would no doubt look at the Hart District core values and immediately think of Caring, because she exemplifies that value. However, Joanne was selected for Rio's first One Hart Award because of the Courage she displays inside her classroom and out, every day, no matter what challenge comes her way. She would not tell you it's always easy, but she shows up, radiating positivity and gives her all to her students and her colleagues each day she is here at Rio Norte. Joanne displays Courage not because she shows up, but because of how she shows up for everyone around her, even on her most difficult days. Photo of Joanna Sparks
Paul Kass Community Paul exemplifies the core value of Community.  Paul is a math teacher at Placerita and has been the advisor for our Kid Flix Productions that produces our Miner Morning TV for over 25 years.  He is continually involved in multiple programs that help our entire school community throughout the year. Photo of Paul Kass
Rosa Bartolovich Caring Rosa exemplifies the core value of Caring. Rosa is our head counselor and has been caring for students at Placerita for many years. She is always guiding, supporting and helping all her students walk through the stressful parts of junior high school. She is always thinking of creative ways to support all her students throughout the year. Photo of Rosa Bartolovich
August 2022     Picture/Video
Steve Lindberg Caring Steve has taught at Hart for 36 years and is also the boys and girls golf coach. Mr. Lindberg is also part of our Equity and Diversity Collaborative and led students, before our District’s Strategic Plan motto was created, to have the same ‘One Hart’ mentality here on the campus of Hart High School because he cares so much about Hart, the staff, and students.
Kelly Seidenkranz Courage Kelly was honored with Canyon's first One Hart commemorative coin for Courage because of her determination, perseverance, respect and integrity.
Will Hornstein Creativity As Special Education teacher and co-department chair, Will Hornstein is being recognized for his Creativity in supporting all students at Arroyo Seco and for always striving to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Thank you for all that you do, Will! Picture of Will Hornstein
Amanda Stieff Community Amanda Stieff is being recognized for her commitment and contributions to the Community of Arroyo Seco. Her efforts with the Professional Development team in guiding staff through the process of clarifying expectations and teaching them to our students have helped to ensure a positive start to the new school year. Thank you Amanda! Picture of Amanda Stieff
Rachel Villa Caring Rachel Villa, Office Manager, is the epitome of Caring. For more than 30 years, she has demonstrated patience and a sense of calm in supporting the staff, parents, and students of Arroyo Seco. Her positivity and willingness to help are greatly appreciated. Thank you Rachel! Picture of Rachel Villa
Jan Ondra Courage Jan Ondra exemplifies Courage as plant manager at West Ranch High School. Jan has been working overtime for the last 6 months or more as a result of our custodial staff being understaffed. Jan has led his team by example by getting our campus ready for this school year for our students and staff.
Mirna Herrera
Kellen Atkins
Mirna has been a great example of being a servant to the community.  Her efforts to welcome a new principal and office staff have tremendously helped with the transition and start to the school year.  She always has a positive attitude and is always willing to jump in and offer assistance at any moment.
 As a veteran counselor at La Mesa, Kellen is getting the One Hart Award for Creativity as he is always looking for ways to connect with students as individuals in a diverse student population.  He has proven to be a vital asset to the team at La Mesa as he consistently looks at each student as individuals that are full of potential.
Picture of Mirna Herrera and Kellen Atkins
Debbie Dunn Creativity Debbie Dunn is an exceptional example of an individual whose creative drive is making the Hart District a better place for students, staff and parents. She is responsible for branding the District with new logos that celebrate our core values and our fundamental purpose: “Every Student – Opportunity Ready”. Based on the input of parents, she is working with a team to update our website and is responsible for sharing daily content about the District on our social media accounts. We present her with the One Hart award and celebrate her outstanding CREATIVITY. Picture of Debbie Dunn