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Summer School

General Information

The William S. Hart Union High School District will be partnering with Opportunities for Learning (OFL) to offer summer school through our District. This is a different program than the one offered through the OFL program sites as they will have their own teachers and the courses may vary. The Hart District program is taught by our Hart District teachers. Please use one of the links provided below to sign up for the Hart District Program. If you have already completed a form, please be patient, as OFL will reach out to you to complete Summer School Registration.

If you are unsure about which classes to take, please reach out to your school site's academic counselor for direction.


Summer School will be offered In-Person and students will need to attend in person for learning this summer.

*Only classes offered Virtually and remotely will be: CCR Courses, Health, and Photo1A.


Here is a list of all the course offerings at our locations throughout the valley:

REMINDER - You can only take a maximum of 10 credits during Summer School.
If you have questions about which classes to take, please contact your school counselor

High School Summer School Locations

If you would like to register your child for Summer School 2022, please choose the location you would like to attend by clicking on the school site listed below. If you have any questions about course selection, please contact your student’s Summer School Administrator found in the link below.

Current 8th graders going into 9th Grade

Please click on the following link for the application and to see the classes that are available to you.  If you have any questions about course selection, please contact your student’s School Counselor.


Junior High School Summer School Registration

This is for current 7th and 8th Grade students.  If you have any questions about course selection, please contact your student’s Summer School Administrator found in the link below.


Incoming 7th Graders

If you are an incoming 7th grader to the district and are interested in taking an enrichment class (of which you can see on the “Course Offerings” list), please complete the interest list google form listed here:


If you are interested in taking a Math class, these are done by invite only and the district will send out invitations toward the end of May/Beginning of June.

Registration Notes:

As you will see on the “Parent Letter” listed above there are two parts to Summer School Registration:

  1. Completion of the Registration Form/Contacting your student’s Counselor
  2. OFL Registration Process - OFL will contact you once Step 1 is complete.
    (Their process is done virtually through email and over the phone)

Once you have completed both steps 1 and 2, your student will be scheduled in Infinite Campus in June. Parents will be able to view their student’s schedule in Infinite Campus at that time. Your student’s teacher will reach out to you by July 1 for class participation instructions.

Special Education at Valencia High School

If your student is planning to attend the Special Education program at Valencia High School through Distance Learning, your IEP team has most-likely already discussed Extended School Year (ESY). You should be hearing from the Administrative Intern team to verify whether or not your student is planning to attend, and will receive other information directly from them. You do not need to complete any of these online documents.

National School Breakfast / Lunch Program - Summer School

Language from the USDA FNS states the following:

Schools should send the information letter to households very early in the school year, which begins July 1. Applications should also be distributed on July 1 or soon thereafter. Distributing applications early in the school year ensures households have sufficient time to complete and return the application prior to the first day of school. Additionally, schools are encouraged to provide families with information about the School Meal Programs in routine contacts throughout the school year, and remind families that applications may be submitted at any time during the school year. Information letters may not, however, be sent to households before the end of one school year for the subsequent year, nor can the LEA accept and process applications before the federally defined school year. (Note: Year-round schools may distribute the letters in June.)