William S. Hart Union High School District

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Image of Mike Kuhlman, Deputy Superintendent


Mike Kuhlman
(661) 259-0033 ext. 201
email: mkuhlman@hartdistrict.org



Image of Kathy Hunter, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services


Kathy Hunter
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
(661) 259-0033 ext. 203
email: khunter@hartdistrict.org



Image of Michael Vierra, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources


Michael Vierra
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
(661) 259-0033 ext. 278
email: mvierra@hartdistrict.org



Image of Ralph Peschek, Chief Financial Officer


Ralph Peschek
Chief Business Officer
(661) 259-0033 ext. 242
email: rpeschek@hartdistrict.org



Dr. Collyn Nielsen, Chief Administrative Officer


Collyn Nielsen
Chief Administrative Officer
(661) 259-0033 ext.268
email: cnielsen@hartdistrict.org


Image of Dave Caldwell, Public Relations Officer


Dave Caldwell
Public Relations Officer
(661) 259-0033 ext. 227
email: dcaldwell@hartdistrict.org



Image of Deborah Dunn, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent


Deborah Dunn
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
(661) 259-0033 ext. 201
email: ddunn@hartdistrict.org