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Who to Contact

Who to Contact  
If you have experienced sexual harassment or have been sexually assaulted on one of our campuses, you can immediately report to any adult or to an administrator.  They will contact the Title IX Coordinator right away to help you.  You can also contact the Title IX Coordinator directly using any of the following methods:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 661-259-0033 ext 316 or 417
What Happens Next? 
If you report an assault, we will immediately connect you with emergency services.  If you report harassment, we will assess any immediate threat to you first.  Once we have addressed your needs, we will proceed with a consultation with you and the Title IX Coordinator.  If you wish to file a Title IX report, we will then proceed with an investigation.
The Title IX Coordinator will walk you through the process at every step and you will receive documentation to help you through.  Even if you do not decide to file a report, we will provide you with supportive services to ensure you have equal access to your educational services that we offer at the Hart District.