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CalCard Travel / Conference Purchasing Guidelines

Through a State of California Master Service Agreement, U.S. Bank, I.M.P.A.C. Government Services provides Visa® bankcard services for some District employee positions. The CAL-Card is a government purchase card issued in the name of the cardholder and billed to the District.
The District issues the CAL-Card purchasing card to assist with certain procurement activities. The District CAL-Card policies and procedures are outlined as part of the Cardholder Manual provided to each cardholder. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to have an in-depth knowledge of the District’s CAL-Card policies and procedures for purchasing.
REMEMBER – CAL-Card was issued to alleviate purchasing constraints due to
  • Vendors who do not accept Purchase Orders.
  • Emergencies that require immediate material, equipment and/or service
    due to a risk to life and safety.
  • Travel/Conference related expenses:
    Hotel – rooms shared when possible and appropriate
    Meals – are not to be charged to your CAL-Card

Each Cardholder is responsible for knowing the content of their user manual including but not limited to ; Audit controls, obtaining the necessary approval signatures prior to making the purchase with CAL-Card, collection and submission of all original receipts, notification processes for disputes and fraud detection by U.S. Bank and handling all returns and exchanges in a timely manner.
Staff appreciation expenses are not to be charged to the CAL-Card, nor to any other source of funds within the District or the ASB.
Refreshments may only be purchased with District funds when a formal District meeting is required for employees only (no community members, no public officials, no employees or board members of another school district), and it is necessary to provide refreshments of some type. An original receipt, a description of the nature of the meeting, the number of attendees and a sign-in sheet for all employees attending the meeting must be submitted with the Statement of Account.